Chad Valley Hover Craft Review

Earlier this month, we announced that we’re going to be taking part in this years Chad Valley Play Panel. If you missed it, make sure you check out our announcement post for your chance to Win a £75 Argos Voucher with The Chad Valley Play Panel, and now it’s time for our first Chad Valley toy review.

My boys have been trying out the Chad Valley Hovercraft, which is available at Argos.


The hovercraft is a large toy with lots of accessories, which is ideally for imaginary play. We’ve never really had army or military themed toys before, although they enjoy playing battles with other sets we have like knights or pirates so this is something a bit different that fits in well to their toy collection and it grabbed their interest straight away.

The hovercraft is made up of two main sections: the main hovercraft, and a tank which can be removed via the ramp – to create two separate vehicles.


The way the two parts split is up quite clever, with the ramp coming down to allow access and it’s very easy for the kids to operate themselves. It also makes it handy when two or more siblings want to play together, as it gives each one a section to be in charge of, while still playing together with the whole set.


Included in the set, you get two army figures with posable limbs, who fit well into the tank or various sections of the hovercraft, and both of these have quite a lot of detail especially on their army uniforms.

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One of the best features of the hovercraft, according to my kids, is the darts which shoot out from the sides. This is pretty cool, and it uses soft foam darts similar to the ones you use in Nerf guns, so it’s very safe but definitely adds interest and excitement to the toy for the children. You get 4 darts included which is enough really, but if they lost them later on, then I think any Nerf style darts would fit the toy well to replace them.


You can also add 3x AAA batteries to make the hovercraft light up, and the propellers rotate at the back of the hovercraft.

Along with the two army action figures, you also get loads of little accessories that can be used with the set. These are mainly weapons, and includes little guns and various supplies like binoculars too.


The set is made from plastic, but all of the pieces seem to be pretty hard wearing and durable so it seems like it will last well. The amount of detail on the hovercraft means that there are lots of little bits to prompt ideas for the kids imaginative play.


I’d say this set is best suited for children of around 4+, because it does have a lot of small parts. It’s ideal for my 5 year old boy who loves imaginary play toys, and my older boys 6 (almost 7) and 8 enjoyed joining in with the play too.

The Chad Valley Hovercraft has an RRP of 39.99 but is currently on sale at Argos for 24.99


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  1. Looks fun my nephew loves nervous guns and call of duty win win situation think he would like this my nephew a solider man tells you that’s what he going be

  2. Our Dean would love that – he is army mad at the moment (and Thomas mad as well lol) I like how you can fire darts from it – very clever x

  3. My just 5 year old grandson would love this, he loves imaginative play and really gets into the characters he is playing with. The hovercraft has so many avenues to explore

  4. Looks like a great toy, I like the removable tank too, like a 2 – in – 1 toy. It would probably last a good few years too.

  5. I think my son would have to share this with my husband! Never heard of this toy before but now i think we might have to get one!

  6. I think it’s brilliant 🙂 looks like a really interesting toy with lots of different elements and will encourage the imagination! Not quite sure how I feel about darts flying about the room though lol

  7. It looks a good, interesting and fun toy, I think Chad Valley offer great value and well made toys, I’ve purchased quite a few that have lasted ages x

  8. WOW …. toys have improved so much since I was little .. and infact since my boy was younger …. it looks like lots of fun could be had !!

  9. My nephew would love this set as he would spend hours making up battles with his dad and using his imagination and having fun

  10. Think this would go down very well with my nephews, the Chad Valley range has expanded more from when my boys were younger, ,lots more items

  11. My nephew would absolutely love this for Christmas! Chad Valley toys are always excellent quality and fabulous value for money.

  12. What a great toy! Fantastic quality with a lot of detail. The perfect Christmas present for any little one who loves imaginative daughter would love it!

  13. I think it’s brilliant ???? looks like a really interesting toy with lots of different elements and will encourage the imagination!


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