Lego Ninjago Lloyd Costume

If you’re looking for a unique and impressive idea to dress up for Halloween, then this Lego Ninjago Lloyd costume would definitely fit the bill! We were recently sent this LEGO NINJAGO Lloyd, prestige costume from Disguise, the Halloween costume division of toy manufacturer, JAKKS Pacific and it looks really effective!


The costume is from a brand new line of the first ever LEGO® NINJAGO costumes and accessories, and has been made with so much attention to detail. It can’t be easy to make a LEGO minifigure costume as you need to get that “blockish” look to all of the limbs, but this costume has really nailed it. 

The LEGO NINJAGO Lloyd, prestige costume comes in a display box, and is made up of four parts – the top, trouser, minifigure hand gloves and a realistic Ninjago Lloyd mask.


The trousers come down to cover the feet, to give the LEGO minifigure effect, but my son has been able to run around in it and still be as active as usual while wearing the costume.

The hands are also really cleverly done, as they have the claw-like shape of a LEGO minifigure, by tucking the fingers in to each side. If they need a bit more dexterity while wearing the costume, then you can easily tuck the hands back out again and put them back in as required. I’m planning to send T in this costume if they do world book day this year at school (we do have a few Ninjago books) so once he’s untucked the hands he should be still easily able to write while wearing it!


The mask has mesh in the eyes, so although you can’t see in to recognise who is really behind it, as it looks just like Lloyd, the child can easily see out.


The mask fastens at the back with a velcro strap and is comfortable enough to wear.

The suit has lots of detail printed on it, just like a real Ninjago minifigure and the overall effect looks really good!


This is definitely the most impressive kids costume we’ve had so far! The boys have been really impressed with it and Z has enjoyed wearing it.


These Ninjago costumes are available in three sizes for a child aged 4-6 (small), 7-8 (medium), or 10-12 (large). The one Z is wearing in the pictures is the Medium size, and fits him well. He’s currently 8 years old, and does have a bit of extra room in it so it should last well, but T is nearly 7 and will fit into it quite soon too so it’s quite flexible. 

There are two options available in the Jakks Pacific Disguise Ninjago costumes – the Deluxe Costumes for £29.99, or the Prestige Costumes for £49.99 – which is the one shown. The costumes are available in these Ninjago characters: Kai, Lloyd, Jay and Nya

The costumes are available from all good retailers nationwide from 1st October (click here for Amazon) – just in time for Halloween and the new LEGO NINJGAO: Masters of Spinjitzu, Day of the Departed TV special, airing on Cartoon Network on the Saturday 29th October.


We were sent the costume for review, affiliate links included

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