Celebrating Special Occasions With Your Family

Marking special occasions with your family can create memories and bring you closer together. Here are some ways to make the most of these occasions.


If you have a large family, and a suitable place to let fireworks off, then this can often work out cheaper than going to an expensive public display. This is because you have to transport everyone there, then pay for overpriced food and entry fees for everyone. Staying closer to home can also be a less stressful option. With the range available at Ghengis Fireworks, you can choose from fireworks that suit your budget, and they have a great choice that is suitable for garden use. Then you can serve up hot food, play games and make memories for a fraction of the price, after putting on your own incredible display.


School Holidays

School holidays, particularly during the summer, can drag on unless you break up this time by taking the family travelling. Besides eliminating boredom, travel can be fun and educational without your children realising how much they are learning. They get to see different parts of the world and experience other cultures. While they can learn all this at school, first-hand experience is always best.

traveling With kids


Birthdays can become less welcome the older you get, but if you have children, it’s a great excuse to mark the occasion. No matter whether you have a smaller budget, or can afford to spend a little more, there are lots of options for helping your children celebrate. 

Parties can be held at home, and if you make your own food, it’s cheaper than getting a caterer. You can even put any skills to use that you have, to provide the entertainment, by performing magic tricks, or dressing up as a clown or their favourite character. Or if you want something smaller, a family takeaway and a night in watching your child’s favourite movie can be a huge treat, particularly if you usually avoid takeaways and strive to provide healthy meals for your family. A rare treat can feel more of an occasion and doesn’t do any harm.

birthday balloons

Christmas or other religious holidays

There are lots of ways to celebrate religious holidays, even if you prefer to make these more about spending time with family than following any particular religion. These give everyone a good reason to take time off work, treat each other with gifts or more importantly, to create memories you will all look back on years from now. You can encourage your children to make gifts, help you bake or prepare a meal, or watch seasonal movies together. Some of the best family occasions are those which don’t cost a lot of money but make everyone smile when they remember them.

Marking each special occasion is an important part of creating your children’s memories when they’re growing up. So, whether that means having your own firework displays, seeing different parts of the world or holding affordable but fun parties, it gives them traditions to pass on to their own children someday.

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