Types of beads used for making jewelry

Do you realize that beads have been found in graves of men who passed away quite a while ago – many, many years ago! There are tons of random discoveries as well: Analysts have found three glass beads from a Fifth Century restoration site in Japan. In Africa, glass bead jewelry has been discovered which goes back to 300 BC. Seems like beads have been in fashion for quite some time!

Indeed, even today there are many modern uses of beads, whether they are made in a factory or made at home. Bead designs are done on bags, coats, tops, pins, pendants, satchels belts, caps and even shoes – you name a garment/accessory and you will discover beads adorning it, making it look special.

It is not just the best couture designers who are entranced by beads. Regular men and women like you and me have been striving to make their own sleek designs, which is generally called DIY. The DIY bead community is in full force in 2017, with tons of really cools DIY jewelry bead options. We found a really cool resource here for DIY beads.

Beads come in various types, sizes and materials. They are made of wood, shell, plastic, pottery, metal and even bone. Checkout the distinctive sorts of beads we famously utilize for bead jewelry.

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Super Sparkly Jellyfish (an easy-peasy craft project)

Thanks so much to Anna for having me over to share a guest post with you. My name is Neve and I blog over at wetheparents.org where I seek to bring out the humour in parenting and get nerdy researching and reviewing the gear that mums and dads (apparently) need.

As the mother of a highly sociable 4-year-old, I’m always on the lookout for quick and easy craft ideas to break up her playdates. At this age, after an hour or so, even best friends start to squabble. So this is the time to switch things up, change the dynamic and focus in on something creative.

I’d like to share an easy-peasy project that went down a storm at a playdate last week: The Super Sparkly Jellyfish!

My daughter and her friend had just returned from nursery where they had been learning about holidays. The talk was all about sun, sea, sand, and ice cream. After wistfully dreaming I was on a beach with a mojito, I returned to the real-world and set about planning a seaside themed project. The girls were super excited to make jellyfish, and so here’s how we did it:

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5 Easy Ways To Extend The Life Cycle Of Your Family’s Wardrobe

Growing families get through more items of clothing than you might ever have thought possible, and it seems like your home is ever more full of discarded and unworn t-shirts, jumpers, shoes and fabrics.

Whether because of sentimental value or overwear, you can’t simply pack up all those old clothes and ship them off to the local charity shop or clothing bank. And it’s simply not sustainable to throw them straight in the bin after only a couple of month’s wear.

So how can the clothes you or your children never wear find a new place in your home away from your wardrobe?

clever ways to upcycle outgrown clothes or worn out clothes

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Red Envelopes Craft for Chinese New Year

Here is a fun and easy arts craft for first graders that teaches both about the Chinese New Year and some basic math skills, courtesy of to Education.com 

Red Envelopes

One of the best-known Chinese New Year traditions is the practice of giving red envelopes. In Chinese culture, the color red symbolizes good luck. This activity is a great way to teach your child about this important cultural practice and it’ll give her a chance to make her very own red envelope. Once the craft is complete, have her practice math skills by filling the envelope with money, and then give it to a loved one as a way to spread good will and ward off evil spirits in the New Year.

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Making a Cardboard Rocket Bed with Energizer and The Secret Life of Bed

Energizer® has teamed up with Secret Life of Pets to offer customers the chance to win special The Secret Life of Pets plush toys. To celebrate this offer, they challenged us to make our own special bed for our Secret Life of Pets toys, and the kids had lots of fun decorating and creating our own cardboard pet bed, in the design of a rocket.

cardboard rocket craft for kids

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Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

The run up to Christmas is such a WONDERFUL time of year to get crafty with the kids – the days grow shorter, the cold weather draws in. Blustery winds blow or rain pelts down on us. Time to retreat into the warm indoors, make a nice cup of hot chocolate and get crafty with the kids. If you are looking for Christmas Crafts for Kids, look no further. We believe in EASY Crafts for Kids too. Life needs to be fun and not all too complicated. The key to crafting with kids, is to prepare a little (it really doesn’t take long) and also to have a nice handy list of ideas to make. We have selected 8 of our most favourite Christmas crafts today – which double up nicely as Christmas ornaments/ Tree decorations. A great way to display your makes or to give them to family and friends as small gifts from the children. A Christmas Tree ornament makes a great teacher’s gift too! So here we go.

easy christmas crafts for kids

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Kids Christmas Crafts Activity Advent Calendar

There are so many creative advent calendars around these days – it’s no longer just a chocolate, or a picture behind a door. We really like some of the toy advent calendars that are around like the Playmobil or LEGO ones, but if you wanted to focus on quality time with the kids this advent season then why not try making your own kids Christmas crafts advent calendar?

Using a wooden advent calendar that you can find in craft shops, you can make your own calendar using whatever ideas you like, and change it up each year. How about writing different crafty or fun creative activities on pieces of paper and putting one inside each of the doors, so that the kids can open it up and discover their fun project for the day?


We were sent our calendar thanks to: Action Storage, school lockers supplier.

The first task could be to decorate the calendar itself!

Here are a few more ideas that you could use to fill up your crafty Christmas advent calendar:


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DIY Chalk Recipe

DIY chalk

Did you know that you can make your own chalk? And it’s easy! This chalk is made into giant sticks, which is great for little hands to grab hold of, and perfect for pavements and patios. You can create a giant masterpiece and then let the rain wash it off.


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DIY Personalised Washi Tape Craft For Kids

Did you know that you can transfer printed text to washi tape? I only found out recently.
It’s so cool!

This might be the easiest washi tape craft for kids EVER! It’s perfect for making labels that won’t damage toys, but it’s also great for learning spellings and sight words in a fun way.

DIY personalised washi tape for kids, fun craft that you can use to make labels or even learn spellings

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