One World Futbol Review and Giveaway

Since the world cup over the summer, Mr Z’s interest in football has really been growing. He loves to play football at home with his brothers and at school with his friends, so he was really happy to try out the new One World Futbol.

Unlike other footballs the One World Futbol is virtually indestructible – never goes flat even when punctured. Solving the problem faced by many parents of constantly replacing deflated footballs in the garden that last five minutes.

As well as being indestructible the One World Futbol also has a ‘buy one give one’ model; for each football sold in the UK a ball will be sent directly to children in disadvantaged communities globally. This is a great idea! The aim of One World Futbol is to spread the healing power of play to children worldwide with these footballs that can survive even the harshest environments. I’m totally behind this mission. Play is so vital for children and the simplest toys like balls are the ones which can often bring the most fun, and allow many children to play together in a team.

One world futbol

Even when the one world futbol is punctured, it never needs a pump or goes flat. This is really handy! Even more so when used in some of the roughest landscapes in the world. It can be played on the street, on the beach, grass, turf, rocky landscapes or anywhere at all! This also saves money and resources: A single One World Futbol can outlast hundreds of regular balls, eliminating the waste of discarded, punctured soccer balls and the hassle of buying pumps and needles.

Watch this video to see the One World Futbol in action:

The boys love their One World Futbol. As well as playing football, you can use it for any ball games: netball, basketball, volleyball or any ball game you like!

one world futbol

one world futbolFor your chance to win a One World Futbol enter via the Rafflecopter below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck! And please consider sharing with your friends about One World Futbol, it’s a great product and a great mission to support!

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    • Hi

      When i saw this i had to comment, hope you don’t mind.
      Accies are doing fantastic right now. I love Michael McGovern
      he used to play for my Team, Falkirk FC, we miss him !!

  1. Norwich City FC , in our family you dont choose a team , u are born to it ! our blood runs yellow and green ! that counts for all 3 of my sons 🙂

  2. Norwich City FC , in our family you dont choose a team , u are born to it ! our blood runs yellow and green ! that counts for all 3 of my sons 🙂

  3. We play football with my son and he enjoyes it but as we dont really watch football apart from the World cup, my son supports no team


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