Getting Ready for School with WOW Toys

We’re getting ready for our youngest to start school, and although he’s excited to be with his brothers in their school every day, he is the baby of the family and always finds it hard to say goodbye at drop off time.

Anything that can help get kids more excited about school is worth a try with him. I’m really hoping he will have a smooth start when he starts his full days in a couple of weeks, so we were happy to try a school count down calendar from WOW toys.

wow toys preschool count down calendar

We have used one of their special day count down calendars before at Eid time and he enjoyed that a lot.

The school count down calendar has the same format, coming with 10 little doors to open each containing one piece to make up a themed WOW toys play set. You also get a sheet with 10 activities to complete together.

The school count down calendar is labelled as a pre-school count down but the age is 1-5 and it works equally well whether your child is starting nursery or reception. R will be starting reception, having just turned 4 in August.

wow toys preschool count down calendar

Inside the doors, you get a total of 3 WOW figures (1 teacher, 1 boy and 1 girl student), 2 scooters, some playground equipment (slide and rocker), and a school desk, clock and board for the classroom.

As with all WOW toys items, these are sturdy plastic which are great for small world play without requiring any batteries. The items from the count down calendars are compatible with any other WOW toys vehicles or play sets that you already have so kids can mix and match them into their previous collection.

wow toys preschool count down calendar


R loves all of these figures, the boy student being his favourite, and playing with them together gives a fun way to talk about what he might do in school, while acting it out with his WOW toys together.

wow toys preschool count down calendar


He also enjoyed completing the activity sheet, with colouring, dot to dot, some simple maths, a hide and seek game using the empty WOW toys calendar box and more.

wow toys preschool count down calendar


wow toys preschool count down calendar


This is a great idea from WOW toys. You can buy count down calendars for other occasions too – birthdays or holidays. Or if your special day isn’t specifically covered by the range, go with the “special day” theme which will work for any occasion.

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