This week has been Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week. Surprisingly, 95% of the UK know carbon monoxide poisoning can be fatal, but only 6% of us can correctly identify the most common symptoms… So, to increase the UK’s awareness, npower asked six children to give the invisible killer an identifiable persona by drawing what they thought it would look like if they could see it, and professional illustrators have brought their drawings to life.



Watch this video to see the kids in action, creating their Carbon Monoxide monsters

And check this handy infographic to get yourself up to date on the dangers of Carbon Monoxide. Some of the facts are quite shocking – I’m surprised 34% of people don’t have a carbon monoxide detector! It’s also really worrying that there’s a clear disparity between the UK’s awareness of CO poisoning and the UK’s actual understanding of what the symptoms are, which appliances can be a cause and also what people should do if they suspect they are suffering from CO poisoning. I have to admit, I wouldn’t have been sure of all the symptoms myself (although luckily we do have an alarm) so it’s always worth refreshing yourself to make sure you stay aware of it just in case.


Each year in the UK over 200 people are admitted to hospital with suspected CO poisoning and around 50 people die unnecessarily from it. This new research suggests people in the UK are unaware of what the symptoms of CO poisoning are, so the true number of people affected could potentially be much higher.

Carbon monoxide is completely invisible, it has no smell and no taste, so the only definitive way to detect a leak is with a CO alarm.

For more information about carbon monoxide and to find out how to protect your family, visit:


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Carbon Monoxide Detectors

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