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Create Me Books is a site offering personalised bed time story books for kids, but what makes Create Me Books stand out is that they have more options for personalising the character to allow you to get a much better likeness of your child.

Create Me Books was created by mum of three and foster mum to two, Lisa. After a big operation in March 2015, requiring a long recovery, she decided to write her little girl, Lilly, a bedtime story, and after a few months and the enjoyment she had on the project, she decided to turn it into a business – and along came Create Me Books.

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The idea behind the business being that people can come to the site, create personalised children’s books for their little ones (ages 2-7) online, which not only allows them to personalise the name of the character in the book with their special ones name but also how it looks!  This means that no matter what your heritage is, there is a book for you.

I was really impressed with the options available on Create Me Books. My children are mixed white and asian, so we appreciate having a variety of skin tones on offer, but the main thing I was really pleased to see on Create Me Books is the ability to have your child wearing glasses. My youngest, R, wears glasses and I’ve noticed this option missing when creating personalised books on other sites. They also have a good range of hair styles including curly hair, which again we needed for R.

The book that we created for him is called “Prince Rafiq Won’t Go To Sleep” and he really enjoyed reading it.


So far, there’s only one story available on the site – in a Prince or Princess version. It would be great if even more options are added in future, but this story is a really nice one for bedtime which should appeal to most children.

R loved it because it includes a dragon (one of his favourite things) and a fox (another of his favourite animals.) It’s a simple and sweet story with plenty of colourful images throughout, featuring the picture of your child.


R was really happy with his likeness in the book. He straight away noticed that the book was about him and spotted that it even had glasses and curly hair – so these little details do make a difference!


Visit the Create Me Books website to find out more and have a go at making a book for your child


For your chance to win a personalised Create Me Books book for your child, enter via the Gleam widget below

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Good luck!

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  1. these books look amazing – such a good idea for any child. My daughter has one and loves it. My son doesn’t so would love the opportunity for him to have one. good luck everyone

  2. I love personalised books for kids – they really draw them in and these ones seem to have great messages to them that can really help parents out. x

  3. My little girl loves her books, she would go crazy if one had her own name in. Awesome idea i remember having something similar as a little girl


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