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Candy Construction would be a fun activity at any time of year, but it works particularly well for the festive season. The set includes 92 candy themed pieces that you can use to build all sorts of different 3d structures.

We love Learning Resources products in our house, it’s a brand I always trust so we were really happy to try out this new construction toy.

I love how construction play is such an open ended activity that my boys can all enjoy together. They found lots of different ways to play with their new Candy Construction set, from following the ideas in the instruction book included, to making up new and original ideas of their own. Each boy put his own spin onto the creations and they have often returned to the toy since I first gave it to them.

Candy Construction : this is such a fun construction toy!

As you can see, the round candies, the blocks and the chocolate pieces have holes in them which you can use to connect the various candy cane sticks together to build. This was easy enough for the boys to do (3, 5 and 6) and opens up plenty of possibilities.

You can make a house:

candy construction housea vehicle:

candy construction vehiclea fish:

candy construction fishor a fish with boosters if you prefer!

candy construction fish with boostersUse the candy construction pieces to make letters:

candy construction lettersor lollipops

candy construction lollipopor even a drum kit!

candy construction drum kitWhile building with the candy construction, kids are working on their problem solving skills, motor skills, colour recognition and boosting their creativity. This type of construction play is a great early engineering activity that gives a perfect example of learning through play. As with all of the Learning Resources toys in our playroom, it is very well made and durable and should last for years.

See Candy Construction on the Learning Resources website here.

We’re giving one In The Playroom reader the chance to win a set of Candy Construction in our advent giveaways, so be sure to check that out if you think your kids would enjoy this toy too! 

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