How Can a well-equipped classroom aid a child’s development?


A well-equipped classroom can aid a child’s development

Classrooms used to house the very basic essentials needed to teach children. Today, they are warm, visually engaging and bright places for study. Having a classroom carpet on the classroom floor adds to the feeling of warmth, comfort and security children need to feel in order for them to maximise their learning potential.

As the classroom becomes a more interactive environment, more and more teachers are looking at innovative ways to engage their students, and stimulate their desire to learn using a variety of out-of-the-box educational equipment. Classroom carpets and mats are found in the large majority of today’s classroom settings. As well as providing a focal point for registration or reading time, they are increasingly being explored to provide a fresh learning experience for students, especially in the earlier stages of their education.

As classroom carpet designs have become ever more innovative, their uses are becoming increasingly diverse as they add a novel, spatial dynamic to lessons. Themed classroom carpets have been known to help develop a student’s attention as they can become a focal point for learning. Outside play mats support the mobile classroom and help get children up and moving, which has been proven not only to stimulate the drive to learn and prolong attention spans, but also encourage a more active lifestyle in which education and exercise go hand-in-hand. Other classroom carpets can be used to encourage young children to work together. For example, spelling words on a spacious alphabet mat encourages teamwork, cooperation and social skills, in a way that conventional spelling exercises never would.

In an increasingly student and parent dominated environment, it’s never been more important for teachers to get interactive and innovative with their style of teaching.

A Mat-ter of Preference

Here at Edusentials, we offer a wide range of innovative classroom carpets covering a variety of subjects, from the alphabet to the solar system, so the only real limits are your budget and imagination! Our number mats, for example, are the perfect companion to any maths lesson, and are designed to help children visualise the numbers and sums they’re completing, taking the strain off their short-term memory and enabling them to focus wholly on the task in hand.

In addition to having a whole host of placement carpets to aid your classroom control, we’ve also got a range of learning mats, covering topics such as weather, life cycles, the solar system and the world, each of which are ideally suited to teaching your children about more complex notions such as science, space and geography. By giving your students a visual reference point, these products help to anchor their knowledge and thus encourage understanding and further exploration.

Our wide range of carpets are easily maintainable and hard-wearing. With a wealth of options including general school entrance mats along with an extensive range of classroom carpets and early years play mats, including outdoor play mats, there is a mat, nursery rug or carpet product for just about every purpose.

Our range includes our ever-popular placement carpets which give a clear visual placement setting allowing children to take ownership of their own space and not infringe on others – something which helps keep harmony with groups of children.

Visit our site to view our functional, bright and modern range of quality classroom carpets, colourful children’s rugs and fun nursery rugs and mats that are highly visual with distinctive with classroom-relevant designs.

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