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Recently BundleBean sent me a brilliant BundleBean Go! to try out. This is a really versatile item that can be used in so many ways. The primary use for me was as a foot muff for the buggy and also as a picnic blanket or play mat for in the garden, but it can also be used on car seats, baby carriers or as a cover for babies in a bike seat!

We were sent the blue spot design, which I love as it is nice and bright and cheerful. They also have it in pink spots, plain black, or red stars.

One side of the BundleBean has the design on it and is a lovely soft fleecy material, and the other side is waterproof. It is reversible, although the recommended way is with the waterproof on the outside but I found it works fine both ways as it does not make a difference to the way the attachment works.

Here you can see it put on the buggy both ways:

bundlebean go bundlebean go
It is attached simply by using velcro around the back of the buggy. There are two velcro strips which can be made into loops and attached to the buggy frame, or they can simply be attached to each other to hold the BundleBean in place. The 2nd method is what I did and found it so easy, especially compared to foot muffs I have had in the past which you have to thread all the buggy straps through and take some effort to put on and off.

The BundleBean is really convenient and easy and that is what I liked the most about it. Especially with the changing weather we have at the moment, you don’t know what to expect so its handy to be able to just put the footmuff on or off in one minute without any faffing around at all. If you wanted to quickly change it from the buggy to the car seat or the baby carrier, this can be done really easily and quickly.

It is also very small and not bulky at all, so fits easily in the basket of the buggy and is really easy to just fold up and take out with you.

bundlebean go

It has a pocked on the front, which comes in handy for keeping essential bits and pieces, as demonstrated here by our cuddly dinosaur 😀

One of the features I was most interested in is that it can be used as a picnic blanket. We love a good picnic, so that seems so handy! I do love that you don’t have to take a million different things out with you, but can use this same one to serve different purposes.

Here’s my little one relaxing on the BundleBean and having some snacks and a drink. What is really good with the design is that with one side being waterproof, if it has been slightly damp on the grass then the fleece side stays totally dry for the child to sit on, so it’s ideal for changeable weather.

When using it as a picnic mat I did wish it was slightly bigger, but it is a good size for one baby or toddler to sit on. It would be ideal for a young baby to lie on out in the garden or park while the rest of the family are eating their picnic!

bundlebean gobundle bean go

The BundleBean Go! is a really clever product that can be used in so many ways. It is very well made and looks like a good quality item that will last. I would definitely recommend it to any parent.

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