Songs To Make You Drive Happy!

Carcraft want to know what the nations favourite driving song is, and they are running a poll to find out! You can find out more here and why not join in by tweeting your favourite with #carcraftsingalongsongs or posting on their Facebook page.

We love listening to the radio in the car, especially on a nice sunny day, driving along and listening to Kiss FM or Capital is quite relaxing. If we can get the kids to sleep in the back then its like quality time for me and their dad. I like a lot of the songs which are out at the moment, some of my favourites are Justin Timberlake “Mirrors”, any Bruno Mars songs, or Pitbull and Christina Aguilera “Feel This Moment.” My 4 year old even has his favourite songs to listen to in the car too, he loves Will. I. Am and Britney “Scream & Shout.”

But what we also really like is listening to some of the old skool stuff, when they have the Kisstory hour on Kiss it’s always fun to listen and remember the songs. My husband would probably pick his favourite as “No Diggity” by Blackstreet but as for me, my ultimate favourite has to be TLC. It’s not an easy choice cos there are a lot of songs I love listening to in the car, but I have been a TLC fan for years and I feel they have stood the test of time!

When I hear them come on the radio it always boosts my mood so for my ultimate driving song to make me happy in the car, I am going to vote for TLC – Waterfalls because this is such a classic song of theirs.

Here’s the video – go on, have a listen, bring back some memories! 😀

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