Building with Real Bricks, with Kids Can Kits

My boys love to build, with all kinds of construction toys and enjoy experimenting with different materials. Building with real bricks is something we tried recently, and they loved this idea. It also helps them to develop DIY skills that may help them in the future. It’s great to give them experience in working with real building materials like this, just in miniature size.

Building with real bricks and cement using the kids can kit. Great construction activity

We were sent one of the Kids Can kits to try out, from B&Q. There are a few different types available, from build a castle (the kit we have), to build a house or build a kennel and they are all very reasonably priced at £7 for a small set – Build a stable or Build a kennel and £15 for a larger set – Build a house or Build a castle.

Kids can build a castle

The set includes bricks, cement powder that you’ll need to mix with water, and a tool to use to apply and spread the cement. You also get a base to build your castle (or house etc) upon, and a plan to follow.

T (nearly 6) was really keen to get building, and was able to put together the bricks for his castle pretty independently.


We had to experiment with the consistency of the cement a couple of times to get it just right, you want it to be thick but still a bit fluid. You will make up small batches of the cement at a time, which makes it easy to keep adjusting if you need to.


While building their structures, kids will also learn about the best way to stack the bricks to make a stable wall, and think about how to make a functioning door and window.

Once the buildings are made, the cement can later be dissolved with water if you want to rebuild into a different design which is great since the bricks are naturally very tough and should last really well.

If your kids enjoy construction, these sets are a great way to let them expand their play into something more realistic and to experiment with real bricks and cement. Look out for the kits at your local B&Q store!

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