Creepy Hand and Ghost Hunter Evolution from Megableu

We’ve been trying out some spooky new games from Megableu that are perfect for this time of year. Both Creepy Hand, and Ghost Hunter Evolution are lots of fun and would work well for kids parties or playdates.

I’ll show you what my kids made of them, and you can watch them in action in our video at the end of this post.

Creepy hand and Ghost Hunt Evolution

Creepy Hand

This is a truth or dare game, with an added fun element of creepiness provided by the moving green hand. To activate the hand, you need to place 3 AA batteries inside, and then there is an on / off switch at the top, along with an activation button.

The hand walks around, as you’ll see in the video and when it stops it will raise one finger and point at the person who has to take the card for their truth, dare or forfeit. This adds more suspense than just taking turns, and makes it ideal for a larger group of kids. We have been playing with 4 people but I think it would be even more fun the more people you include.

Creepy Hand is recommended for age 7+, we did include younger ones too but I think around 6-7+ is a good guideline for this game, as they can read the questions easily and enjoy the truth or dare element of the game.

Some examples of the truth, dare and forfeits are:

Truth: What do you think is the worst job in the world?

Truth: Have you ever broken something valuable?

Truth: What’s the most embarrassing place you’ve ever fallen asleep?

Dare: Pretend to Juggle

Dare: Do an impression of an old person

Dare: Improvise a rap about the prime minister

Forfeit: Stand on your chair for the next turn

Forfeit: Talk for 20 seconds on the subject of what a great talker you are without using the word “I”

Forfeit: Make everyone a drink

Megableu creepy hand game

Ghost Hunter Evolution

Ghost Hunter Evolution is an active game that you can play in the dark. My boys were really excited to try this out, and it’s pretty different to any other games that we have had.

The game comes with a special projector “Billy Bones”, a shooter that you can use to hit the projected bats and ghosts to win points, and multi vision glasses.

Megableu ghost hunt evolution game

You will need 4 AA batteries and 3 AAA batteries to play the game, so be sure to stock up on batteries when buying! The game is very quick to set up out of the box, you just need to synchronise the electronic shooter with Billy Bones for each round but my 7 year old got the hang of this very quickly (turn Billy Bones on, then shoot at one of the projections, or directly at his eye and you’ll hear a beep then you’re good to go)

One electronic gun comes with the game, but you could buy extras separately – otherwise kids can take turns while playing. It will be best to play this in an uncluttered room so that there’s plenty of space to run and spot the ghosts and bats, but make sure the room is not too large for the projections to reach the walls.

Ghost Hunt Evolution is an updated version of a previous similar game from Megableu and they have some other games using this projection and shooting format too, which I might have to check out!

My kids had a lot of fun with this game, and it kept them active while they played. This is their favourite of the two games although they had fun with both and would recommend these games – even though we don’t normally go for creepy things!

Watch our video to see both games in action:

Buy the Games

Creepy Hand is available for around RRP 24.99

Ghost Hunt Evolution is available for around RRP 29.99

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