Big Hero 6 Science Experiment : Baymax Rocket Fist

One of the things we loved about Big Hero 6 is how the gang of heroes are all scientists, and rather than using guns they use science to create their super powers and fight their battles. All of the wonderful science projects they use in their lab remind children just how cool science can be.

If your children feel a renewed interest in science after watching the movie, why not grab that chance and fuel their interest with some simple science experiments that you can do at home. I’ll be sharing a few fun Big Hero 6 inspired science activities that were provided to me by Disney, I hope you enjoy them.

The first activity that I’m sharing today is Baymax’s rocket fist – a simple balloon rocket activity.

Big Hero 6 Baymax's Rocket fist. How to make a simple balloon rocket and what is the science behind this experiment

To make Baymax’s rocket fist you will need:

  • Balloon
  • Piece of String
  • Plastic Straw
  • Sticky Tape

How to do the Baymax rocket fist experiment

Tie the end of a piece of string to a chair, or other solid object.

Thread the string through a straw, and then tie the other end to another solid object in the room – making sure that the string is pulled tight.

Blow up a balloon and pinch the end (don’t tie it).

Hold the end closed while you secure the balloon onto the straw using sticky tape.

When you’re ready to test your rocket fist, let go of the end of the balloon to release it and watch the rocket fist propel forwards – just like Baymax’s does in the movie!

How does this experiment work?

This experiment is an example of Newton’s third law

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

The air being released from the balloon is the action, and so the propelling movement forwards is the reaction – in the opposite direction.

Cool eh?

If you want to download and print the Baymax Rocket Fist balloon rocket instructions: click here to download the PDF file.

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