Bringing Your Memories Back To Life With Photography

The beauty of photography can be seen in the way that it captures our human emotions and memories.

Photography is a perfect way to document your life – from birthdays and weddings to holidays and everyday life.

I have always been a fan of photography. I remember getting photographed by my mum all the time as a kid and I think that’s why I developed the love for it.

My mum was always with her camera in hand. She had a vintage camera she inherited from her grandad and loved showing me how to operate it.

No matter how advanced technology is today, and with us taking thousands of pictures and just saving it on our phones and computers, my mum still likes the old school photo albums and I appreciate her for that.

She has a very long collection of photographic albums of herself, her childhood and mine and whenever she has an opportunity to show me she loves it.

There is a sense of nostalgia that comes with looking at printed pictures in an album. It is definitely different from looking at it on your phone of computer.

There is a texture, a sound and a particular sense of comfort to it. It just takes you right back to those times where life was much more uncomplicated and carefree

Most of the time, we would take a photo and frame it as a decoration for our home. But what if you want to feel as if you are back in those moments?

Printing photos is such a nostalgic feeling and you can have that feeling whenever you want just by going through your photo albums and looking at the memories you made with family and friends.

Nothing beats that feeling of opening an old photo album with pictures of your childhood. The friends, the birthdays, the smiles.

It is like opening a hardcopy book instead of a kindle. It just feels different, is almost like you can feel it as it is happening right now. Nothing compares.

There’s a lot of benefits to printing photos. Not only does it help preserve memories, but it also lets you share those memories with others and look at them anytime.

You can also be creative and use those pictures as personalised cards and even photo calendars to gift to your friends and family at a special occasion. What a unique and touching way of showing your love and appreciation.

Photos are one of the most common forms of documenting moments in your life. Memories are always there in your head but photos help you recall them.

We all know that memories can be stored through photographs or videos and it is up to us to treasure them.

It feels like time rolling back on itself when we revisit these prints. They bring the moments to life, they are more of a piece of art.

And that is why I still love printing photos and giving them as gift to my loved ones – because it is something that they will cherish forever.

So this festive season remember take as many pictures as possible of your family and friends and the lovely decorations.

And when January comes and things slow back down and you may feel a little blue, remember to print those pictures and get taken back to that festive feeling over and over again.

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