The Boys’ Lego Creations

kids lego creations

I’m always proud to see what the boys’ Lego creations. Until now, Mr T and Mr R have mainly been on duplo and Mr Z has been able to build with the proper Lego. This week Mr T has been doing a lot more with the proper Lego so I was really pleased to see him managing it well. We do work on his fine motor skills, so he definitely must have improved on that to be able to handle the small Lego pieces so well.

We just got a new tuff spot this week (cement mixing tray to use for playing on.) As well as messy play, I found it’s ideal for Lego as I can try to ask them to keep all their Lego bricks inside the tray to stop them getting lost or being accidently trodden on later on. This is working with varying success, but at least they know where they should be keeping the Lego, whether they manage it all of the time or not.

playing with lego

playing with lego

All three of the boys are mainly motivated by vehicles so most of the Lego creations they have made are vehicles based. They have just been building freestyle without following instructions, but that is the nice thing about Lego it can be done either way.

lego creations

Mr T’s Lego Car Creation

vehicle lego creations

Lego Boat Creation

vehicle lego creations

Another Lego Vehicle Creation

It really makes me happy to see them playing nicely together with Lego! I have bought a couple of new sets this week, as I think they need some more to expand their collection. I bought from Amazon, as they had some good discounts on Lego City sets.

I feel that Lego is one of the best and most versatile timeless toys. I’ve posted before about our Lego Memories and it’s just the right type of toy to work on so many beneficial skills for the boys’ play. Not just fine motor, but creativity, working together, and some imaginary play too.

playing with lego

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20 thoughts on “The Boys’ Lego Creations”

  1. Great idea to use for the legos. Thank you so much for linking up to “melt your heart moments”. Really appreciate the support. The boys look like they are really loving their legos and making fabulous creations. It is great to see kids creativity.
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  2. I love lego, I really hope Ethan starts to enjoy it as he gets older too. They did really well with their building, and great that they are making their own cars and not following instructions.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)
    Jane recently posted…Autism Diagnosis One Year On…My Profile

  3. Anna,
    LEGOS are probably the greatest invention for children since the building block! We keep our LEGOS in a big container in the family room with a vinyl floor. My two little ones will play for hours with them and there’s nothing that can be damaged or destroyed! And I agree, with LEGOS their imagination has no bounds! Really enjoyed reading your post, thank you so much.
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  4. My older grandson loves his Lego. His younger brother loves playing with his Megabloks. These sets really stimulate their imagination. I will show the older boy what your boys have made.


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