Boostology and their amazing Eco-Friendly products

Shall we talk about pampering time? With all this stress going around we need to make some time to look after ourselves and our well being. We are always so focused on work and family that our own time off is the last thing on our priority list…that is if you even have some “me time” down on your to do list. Let this post be a reminder for all of us to take deep breath, relax and look after ourselves.

Boostology were kind enough to gift us this amazing Simple Skincare Gift Set and we are obsessed with it but first let me tell you a little bit about the brand, their values and their gorgeous website. Boostology has 20 years of experience in this business and is an independent retailer based in London. Their products are not only exclusive but also eco-friendly and vegan so you will not only be kind to yourself but also kind to the environment.

And also once you order your product the parcel they sent them into is also plastic free. So whenever ordering from Boostology you will be certain that the quality of their products go from manufacturing to delivery. We are always trying as much as we can to make better decisions that will positively impact on the environment and we are so happy to have Boostology on our corner! We were also very impressed to know that they recycle all of their office waste and use 100% renewable electricity at their HQ!

Their website is very easy to navigate and the minimalist look makes it even more exciting. You have different filters to use depending of what you are looking for and you can even select an option of filtering the categories by values. So if there is an specific value that you are mostly interested in you can find your products easily with this tool. I have been using their products for a couple of weeks and so far I love it. My absolute favourite is the Rose Mist, especially after a busy day. Something about that spray just reenergize you and it smells so refreshing and subtle. I recommend it!



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