Black History Month Word Search Printables (Civil Rights Activists)

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February is Black History Month in the USA, and today we have a set of free printable Black History Month word search worksheets to give children the opportunity to get more familiar with key historical figures in the Civil Rights movement in American history.

This free printable collection of black history month word searches is an easy way for children to learn about black history, and is available to print in PDF format at the end of this blog post.

Along with our black history month coloring pages, these word searches can be used as a fun addition to any black history month activities.

When completing these word searches, see if the kids can find out information about each of the historical figures named in these puzzles. This can be used as a starting point to jump off and find out more about these inspirational people, check out books from the library, research online, and build up the children’s understanding of these people’s role in history.

Take the word searches one at a time to give the children time to research the names mentioned in each one.

Most of the word searches have around 4 names per puzzle, so that the research task is not too over whelming for the children.

If they already know more about some of these people, they can write a short paragraph

Black History Month Word Searches

Bonus Activity – After completing these word searches, have the kids think about any other Black American historical or contemporary personalities that they admire, and draw up their own word searches for each other to complete.

You will need

  • Printer
  • Printer paper
  • PDF file downloaded at the end of this blog post
  • Black marker or pencil to circle the words (names)
  • Access to books or internet to research
  • Notebook to write about each historical figure

Learn about Civil Rights Activists from Black American History

Black History Word Search 1

This word search contains the names of female civil rights activists from Black American History

  • Dianne Nash
  • Fannie Lou Hamer
  • Dorothy Height
  • Mamie Till-Mobley

Black History Month Word search 2

  • Daisy Bates
  • Luvaughn Brown
  • Ella Baker
  • Maude Ballou

Black History Word search 3

  • Bayard Rustin
  • Fredi Washington
  • Whitney M. Young Jr.
  • Frank Smith Jr.
  • Jo-Ann Robinson

Black History Month Word search 4

  • A. Philip Randolph
  • Hiram Revels
  • Branch Rickey
  • Rev. Pauli Murray

Wordsearch 5

  • Claudette Colvin
  • Octavius Catto
  • Dion Diamond
  • Shirley Chisholm

Download PDF

Click the download button below for a free instant digital download of this 5 page PDF file with all of the Black History Month word search worksheets shown in this blog post.

You can print each word search as many times as you need for your personal family use or for your students. These will print onto A4 paper.

More Black History Activities for Kids

You can combine this activity with our black history month coloring pages for kids

Read through these black history inspirational quotes. You can also print these out to color. You will find some quotes belonging to these civil rights activists included in the word search, so you can combine these activities for students.


Please go ahead and share this blog post with friends and family so that other parents and educators can print these Black history word searches for their children and students to use. Let’s share the resources, and benefit each other! We love to see our printables shared on Pinterest.

Terms of use: These word search printables are free to use for personal use, classroom use or community group use.

Black history word search printables for kids to learn about famous black figures from the civil rights movement in Black American history. Five free printable word search work sheets

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