Bigjigs Sorting Blocks Lorry

Anything vehicle related is always a hit with my boys, so Agent Mr R was very happy with his new toy from Bigjigs Play Patrol – The Bigjigs Sorting Blocks Lorry

Bigjigs Sorting Blocks LorryThis is a lovely solid wooden lorry that can be used for imaginary play and has been driven all around the house! It also has a shape sorter in it’s roof for a little added learning fun.

Bigjigs Sorting Blocks LorryThe lorry includes a chunky wooden triangle, circle, square and cross each painted in a different brightly coloured shade. They are the perfect size for toddler hands.

Bigjigs Sorting Blocks LorryMr R always enjoys sorting shapes. Although it’s not too challenging for him now, it’s a fun way to reinforce his shapes and colours and to work on hand eye coordination.

The shapes fit nicely inside the back of the truck once they have been sorted, ready to be driven all around! You can open the roof to easily remove them once you’re ready to sort them again.

Bigjigs Sorting Blocks LorryAs with the other Bigjigs toys the lorry can also be played with by two children together. They could practise turn taking with sorting the shapes, or challenge each other to “find the triangle” “find the green shape” or other simple directions.

Bigjigs Sorting Blocks LorryThe cab of the lorry hooks and unhooks, which the boys enjoy doing and also gives some practise for their hand eye coordination. It does not come undone during play though, both pieces stay firmly attached.

The Bigjigs sorting blocks lorry is currently on sale for £16.49 and is recommended for 2 years+ which seems about right to me.

Bigjigs Sorting Blocks Lorry


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