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my big truck bookOne of the books we have been enjoying recently is My Big Truck Book which we were sent to review from Tick Tock Books, part of the Octopus Publishing Group.

This is an A4 hardback book with loads of bright colourful pictures and lots of snippets of information all about different kinds of trucks. It includes construction trucks, dumper trucks, backhoe loaders, cement mixer trucks, trucks that help us, fire engines, refuse trucks, other mighty machines, tractors, tanker lorries and monster trucks – So a pretty thorough coverage of all the trucks or mighty vehicles that your little one may be interested in!

All of my boys have really enjoyed this book, at their own different levels. I do find in general that any of these kind of books that include lots and lots of pictures of different vehicles – all of my boys have really taken a liking to these from about age 2+ and they do just seem to be so fascinated by endlessly looking at the different vehicles! I get Mr R and Mr T bringing the book to me and excitedly pointing at different pictures through the day (mum! mum! car! CAR!!!! – All the vehicles are ‘car’ to them ๐Ÿ˜€ )

Mr Z at 5 years old was able to get more out of the book at an in depth level. He has enjoyed sitting with me and reading through the information, looking closely at the different pictures and understanding exactly what it is the different trucks do, how they do it, why they do it and what is the important of these different roles.

Mr Z chose the big red tractor as his favourite, but he was also fascinated by the earth drills which were explained on the construction page and he really loves the monster trucks, seeing pictures of them jumping and crushing cars!

ย This is a lovely book and a great one to add to our library of non fiction books. What I like about this one is that it really will grow with the child, from being fascinated by the pictures as a toddler, to starting to learn and discuss the trucks with an adult, to hopefully going on to be able to take the book and read it by themselves to absorb all the information as they get that bit older. For any child who has an interest in trucks its a lovely book to fuel their interest and love of learning in a topic which grabs their attention.

There is also a My Big Animal Book in the same series.

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