Cut The Rope Candy Monster Om Nom Soft Toy Review

Now that Mr Z is 5, he is starting to move on from some of the younger toys he used to play with, and at the moment he has got quite into playing games on our tablet. His favourite is Candy Crush but I also introduced him to Cut the Rope and he really liked it. He enjoys the logical side of these games, so I think it is okay within moderation as its not a mindless game but does use the brain to develop thinking skills to pass all the levels.

When playing Cut the Rope, he got to recognise the loveable cute character Om Nom, so he was really pleased to see we had been sent a cuddly Cut The Rope Candy Monster Om Nom Soft Toy to review.

om nom candy monster in boxOm Nom was very easy to remove from his packaging so he was soon ready for Mr Z to play with.

cuddly plush om nomThe Om Nom Candy Monster is a good size as you can see above, and is instantly recogniseable with his distinctive look. There is a candy piece inside the mouth, when you pull this he starts to make some sounds and music, and he starts to shake.

Mr Z loved to experiment with this, noticing that if he places Om Nom on the wooden floor and pulls the candy then he will walk along the floor as he shakes, and if he holds him upside down and pulls the candy, then he will appear to climb up the rope to get to the candy. All of this was really exciting for him and he kept saying wow mum it’s so cool, and when his dad came back from work he could not wait to show him his new Om Nom.

boy playing with om nom candy monsterHe said that Om Nom will be his new pet, and he will keep him forever! I think because he is a game character, which is something Mr Z sees as very cool at the moment, he has really appealed to him. He is also really soft and snuggly which is always a plus. I actually quite like him myself, he is one of those toys which would appeal to all ages who play the Cut The Rope, as he is so cute. The boys’ dad liked him too! He seems to be well made, good quality and durable.

om nom candy monster and 5 year old

The Om Nom Candy Monster is quite a simple toy, but it really has grabbed Mr Z’s attention and I think it would be popular with any children of this age group whether boys or girls. If your little one is familiar with Cut the Rope, they will probably love this Om Nom Candy Monster.

Let me know what you think in the comments. Does your little one play Cut The Rope or are there any other games they prefer?

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  1. My son is very much into playing games too – his favourite is Angry Birds though! It amazes me how the merchandise for these things has suddenly taken off. This looks like a good toy for Cut the Rope fans!

    • mine has actually not tried angry birds yet, probably cos I am so crap at it that I deleted it from my phone – may let him have a try though he will probably be better than me.
      We are waiting for candy crush merchandise to come out!! lol 😀

  2. Mine like Cut The Rope – the littlest one would play games on phones and tablets all day if we let him, but we’re a bit a bit mean about tiny screen time. He’s think this was brilliant, it’s certainly the sort of thing he’ll probably find in his Christmas stocking 🙂
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