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By Luciana Oliveira

If there’s one good thing that the global pandemic brought to us, it’s that workaholic mums and dads like us now have more time with our kids, since we work mostly from home. But now that we have extended playtimes with the little ones, we bet you’ve also run out of toys to play with them. And you probably noticed that they’re somehow getting bored with the usual toys. But don’t worry fellow mums and dads, there are other types of toys to play out there! Case in point, Lego Australia. We assure you, you’ll never go wrong with Lego sets. And to help you decide on a quick buy, below are some of the best complete sets that you can score for only $50!

LEGO® DUPLO® Town Family Camping Van Adventure ($49.99)

How long has it been since the family went out camping? It feels like it’s been ages, right? Well, you might have to store your camping essentials for a little longer. But you don’t have to worry. With the travel restrictions in several areas getting tighter, the kids and the kid-at-heart of the family can still venture out into the woods at the safe confines of your home. That’s all thanks to the LEGO® DUPLO® Town Family Camping Van Adventure! This 30-piece Lego set is a great roleplay set, complete with friendly figures of a man, woman, girl, and boy, a camper van with spinning wheels and a removable roof, a fabric tent, canoe and other camping accessories! This set is perfect for kids aged 2 and up so your toddlers can join in the fun, too.

LEGO® DUPLO® Marvel Spider-Man Headquarters ($49.99)

Are your kids a fan of the web-slinging superhero? Well, you can unleash their inner Peter Parker with this Spider-Man Headquarters Lego set that’s perfect for your two-year-olds. Based on the Disney+ TV show, Spidey and His Amazing Friends, this set features Spider-Man, Miles Morales, and the Ghost Spider. To make the whole thing action-packed and closer to the real thing, the set includes a Spider-Man-shaped headquarters, a motorcycle, a slide and a rope. With this Lego set, your kids will certainly develop their motor and creative thinking skills as they execute superhero missions with their friends. Who knows, they may even develop a spidey sense.

LEGO® Minions: Minion Pilot in Training ($44.99)

Almost every kid loves the Minions. Who wouldn’t, right? Even the adults love them because they’re hilariously cute! If your kids are one of those Minion fanatics, the LEGO® Minions: Minion Pilot in Training could be their next favourite toy! The best thing about it is that it’s pilot themed. So if your kids love to play with toy airplanes and dream to be a pilot one day, this Lego set is a great buy! It features Stuart, donning a pilot uniform and a Bob LEGO® figure. It also has a buildable plane set with a removable roof and other plane accessories like a suitcase, hotdog, peanut bag, and of course the renowned Minion fart blaster and a Ba-ba-ba…ba-ba-nana. This Lego set is suitable for kids aged 4 and up!

LEGO® DUPLO® Town Garbage Truck and Recycling ($32.99)

If you want to teach your kids a thing or two about taking care of the environment at an early age, this Garbage Truck and Recycling Lego set is a great start. This LEGO® DUPLO® Town Garbage Truck and Recycling set is composed of a garbage collector and a boy figure, three recycling bags that perfectly fit the three matching waste bins, a big broom, and of course, a moveable dump truck. With 19 colourful and versatile Lego pieces in total, this set will allow your kids to build their fine motor skills, enhance their colour sorting abilities, and develop eco-friendly habits. Like what they always say, teach them young!

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