20 Thoughtful Gifts for Lego Lovers

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If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the lego lovers in your family, or friendship circle, we are here to help with some ideas and inspiration to help you pick out a unique lego gift this holiday season.

There’s a chance that your LEGO loving friend or relative already has a lot of the mainstreamLEGO sets, or classic sets and some of the bigger sets on their Wishlist may simply be out of your budget (some of those big sets can go for hundreds) so we’ve put together some ideas for the perfect gift to tap into the love of lego in a creative way, with some handmade and unusual LEGO gifts from Etsy.

We’re sure you’re going to find an awesome gift, whether for an adult lego fan or for the younger lego enthusiasts in your family.

best gifts for lego lovers

Best Lego Gifts for Lego Lovers

This Lego gift guide contains affiliate links from the Etsy affiliate programme.

Personalised lego mini figure

No matter how many lego figures are in their LEGO collection, do they have a lego mini-figure that’s made to look just like themselves?!

A personalised LEGO mini figure made from customised and upcycled LEGO figures is a perfect addition to the LEGO collection. This one would be a creative and thoughtful stocking stuffer idea for older kids.

personalised lego mini figures
Buy Personalised Lego figures here on Etsy

Lego table

A LEGO table is a great gift for kids who constantly play with their LEGO bricks and LEGO sets. It gives a nice dedicated space and helps keep everything organised.

We found an amazing transforming LEGO play table that can fold upwards and transform into display shelves too. This handmade LEGO table would make a really impressive gift that hopefully will be loved for many years to come.

lego play table
Check out this transforming LEGO table on Etsy

Lego Play Tray

If you don’t have quite as much space, one of these LEGO play trays with lego baseplate for building may be a better fit. And the bonus with these is that they are portable.

You can also get these brick trays personalised, for another thoughtful touch. I love these for siblings, if each child wants their own separate space to create with lego bricks.

lego play tray
Buy these brick trays on Etsy

Lego Heart Necklace

Show your love with one of these colorful and cute Lego heart necklaces.

lego heart necklace
Buy the Lego heart necklace on Etsy

Succulent Building Kit

This smaller set is not made with official Lego bricks, but a similar style of connecting bricks and will be a relaxing build that’s beautiful to display once complete.

lego brick succulent building set
Buy this lego succulent kit on Etsy

LED Light Kits for Lego Sets

You can get LED light kits to help elevate the effects of your Lego builds for display, for example if you’re a fan of Lego Harry Potter then you can find these kits for the Hogsmeade village or Hogwarts castle sets.

led lighting kit for lego
Buy this LED lighting kit on Etsy
lego Hogwarts castle
Buy this LED lighting kit on Etsy

Just be sure to double check compatibility with the correct set before you buy. You can also find led kits for other lego characters like lego supermario and more.

Lego Rubik’s cube

Combine your lego and Rubik’s cube hobby in this unique and quirky handmade gift idea!

lego Rubik's cube
Buy the lego Rubik’s cube on Etsy

Lego Snowman Kit

Keep it seasonal with this LEGO snowman building kit, which you can use to create your very own Christmas ornament.

lego snowman
Buy Lego snowman on Etsy

Lego Alarm Clock

You can pick up LEGO digital alarm clocks with characters such as LEGO Batman or Emmet from the LEGO movie, which my young kids absolutely love but for a more mature Lego fan, this handmade and minimal style Lego alarm clock may be more fitting to their aesthetic.

lego alarm clock
Buy this LEGO alarm clock on Etsy

A Lego watch is also a thoughtful gift idea for lego lovers of any age. Or we love this Lego wall clock with minifuigures of all different professions. This would be lovely in a kid’s bedroom or playroom wall.

lego wall clock
Buy this Lego wall clock on Etsy

Brick mug

What’s better than coffee and Lego bricks? Combining them both into a fun Lego mug of course!

This novelty gift idea is something that’s actually useful as well as being a whole lot of fun.

lego brick mug
Buy the brick mug on Etsy

Lego lunchbox

For a useful gift, how about a lego lunchbox or lunch bag, like this personalised one with your kiddo’s name on it so it can’t be easily lost or mixed up at school.

lego print lunch bag
Buy this lego lunch bag on Etsy

Lego Wall Stickers

These fabric lego little stickers for your walls are gorgeous and colorful, and perfect for a lego themed bedroom or play area.

lego brick wall stickers
Buy these lego decals on Etsy

Lego salt and pepper shakers

For the Lego loving foodie, these Lego head salt and pepper shakers will be a fun and useful gift to add some personality to the kitchen.

lego head salt and pepper shakers
Buy lego salt and pepper shakers on Etsy

Lego ice cubes sillicone mold

These silicone molds with Lego brick shaped pieces are a fun kitchen gift, too! You can also use them to shape fondant if you’re making a lego cake.

lego ice cube tray
Buy lego ice cube tray on Etsy

Lego Star Wars Village

You can even buy full LEGO sets on Etsy like this Ewok village, perfect for the Star Wars fan who also loves Lego!

lego Star Wars set
Buy this Star Wars set on Etsy

Lego Minecraft Hoodie Blanket

This Minecraft inspired hoodie blanket is perfect for kids who’s favorites are the Lego Minecraft sets.

As you can see, you can also personalise these with the name of the child it’s for.

Minecraft blanket
Buy the Minecraft blanket on Etsy

Lego Dress

Whether they prefer lego friends or the classic Lego, young girls are going to love this twirly Lego dress with a rainbow colorful brick patterned print.

lego dress on Etsy
Buy this lego dress on Etsy

Lego Ideas Book

This book is great to help kick start the imagination and push you to make something different with the bricks you have from. There are some fantastic unique and inventive ideas in here that will get the creative juices flowing right away!

This ideas book is suitable for lego builders of all ages from kids to adult.

lego ideas book gift for lego lovers
Buy the lego ideas book on Etsy

Another fun Lego book is Lego chain reactions

lego chain reactions book
Buy lego chain reactions on Etsy


We hope you enjoyed this list of lego gifts and got some inspiration for the lego fanatics that you’re shopping for this holiday season. A unique LEGO gift will bring so much fun and happiness to your family’s master builder.

If you’re even more creative, why not get out your bricks and try making something yourself! Some diy lego gift ideas are make your own lego candy dispenser, or make your own soaps with lego pieces inside.

Now, to find a thoughtful gift idea for everyone else on your list check out Etsy’s gift guides. We love the editor’s picks for kids gifts, where you’re sure to find some cool gifts and unique ideas.

Please feel free to share this post with friends and family or pin to your Pinterest board. Thanks so much, and Happy holidays!

gifts for lego lovers
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