Bellz Game Review

Bellz is a fun new game from Spin Master, involving lots of coloured jingle bells and a magnetic wand. The aim of the game is to be the one to pick up the most bells of your selected colour – but it’s trickier than it sounds!

bellz game picking up colourful jingle bells with a magnetic wand

The game comes in a box, but once you open it up you’ll find a small storage pouch that you can use to store all of the pieces, so it’s easy to travel with or just keep in your games cupboard without using much space – which is always a really good thing!


The game includes

  • The pouch, which doubles up as a playing area when unzipped
  • 40 differently coloured jingle bells (in purple, green, blue and orange)
  • Magnetic wand with two ends – one large and one small


The coloured bells are very visually appealing so they grabbed the kids attention straight away.

To play the game, you lay out all of the bells onto the playing area – or spread them out a little bit further apart onto a flat surface if you want to make it a bit easier if playing with younger kids.


Each player takes it in turns to use the magnetic wand to pick up bells of whichever colour they’ve chosen. But the tricky part is, you’re only allowed to pick up your correct colour – if you accidentally collect a bell of another colour then you’ll need to put them all back!


The magnetic wand is really powerful, so when the bells are close together you will find that loads of them quickly get attached, so you’ll need to carefully perfect your technique if you want to get only the colour you need. We found that using the thinner end can be easier to avoid extra colours sticking to your bells.

Bellz is a really different game from any others we have in our collection, and my 5 and almost 7 year old both enjoyed the challenge of it. It is quite tricky, so with younger players they could also play it as a one player non competitive open ended activity just to practise their skills and get to grips with it. Since there are four different colours, you can play with up to four players if you do want to keep it competitive.


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