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Skylanders Imaginators is the new game from Activision’s Skylanders. My kids are big fans of the Skylanders games and always eagerly await the new releases, so this one was no different.

The concept of Skylanders Imaginators brings a lot more creativity into the game and gives kids more control over their characters, allowing them to design, name and modify their own new characters using creation crystals. This idea really appealed to my kids and definitely adds an interesting new element to the Skylanders games.


Skylanders Imaginators is available on all major consoles – PS4, xBox One, xBox 360, and Wii U and we tried out the xBox 360 version.

In the starter pack, you will get the game disc, the portal, two characters and one creation crystal – so you have everything you need to get going whether you’re new to Skylanders, or whether you’re moving on from the previous games. If you do have characters from previous games, they will also work within this new game as they’re all backwards compatible.

And of course as with all the Skylander games you can expand your game by adding new characters, and new crystals to add to your collection. Here are a few that my boys have collected so far:


With the new game, the crystals seem to be their definite favourite and they are so keen to collect all the types! To use the crystals, you place one on the portal and then it will bring up a screen asking you to create your new Skylander, or if the Skylander is already created you can place the crystal on the portal to use that Skylander, or go in and customise it.


Each of the crystals makes Skylanders of a different element, and they unlock different styles and accessories to use, like new body parts or armours. You can also get more of these within the game.

Here’s the customisation and designing screen, showing one of my eldest’s favourite Skylanders that he made – Knight Ninja – and you can see all the aspects that you can customise from body to weapons and more.


One of the parts we all really enjoyed is choosing the catch phrases for your newly created Skylanders. They have some quite funny and cool options, and you get to customise the voices and sound effects too. Each Skylander also gets their own special moves and powers that they can use.


Skylanders Imaginators can be played by one or two players, but we’ve found that with customising the characters all the kids could get involved together deciding the options and all three of mine are happy to play it together, and with school friends and relatives who have visited too.

img_5385With the crystals, you can re-use them to make a new Skylander if you change your mind on the design, which I was pleased to see. I hadn’t been sure whether they would be a one-use thing where you create the Skylander and then have to buy a new crystal if you wanted to make another one of that element, but luckily it’s not the case!

Skylanders Imaginators also introduces Skylanders Senseis, all-new heroes who represent 10 powerful Battle Classes such as Knight, Sorcerer, Bowslinger, Brawler, and more.  Skylanders Senseis help train created Imaginators by offering a range of benefits including unlocking super-cool Imaginator weapons, providing access to special areas in the game, as well as bestowing Secret Techniques across the Battle Classes.

The new game introduces two new guest star characters on the PS4 version, Crash Bandicoot® and his arch-nemesis Dr. Neo Cortex, to the line-up of Skylanders Sensei characters as fully-playable toys in Skylanders Imaginators. 

The only thing my kids would like to add to Imaginators is the PVP option. There hasn’t been any player versus player battles available in Skylanders since Swap Force and that’s an aspect that they really liked, so it would be great if we see this feature return in another future Skylanders release.

Overall they really love the new Skylanders game though, and I’d definitely recommend it for any child who’s enjoyed the previous Skylander games, or those who are wanting to get into console gaming for the first time as it’s a really fun and creative age appropriate option for kids around 6-7+

Visit the Skylanders site to find out more

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To celebrate the much anticipated launch of Skylanders™ Imaginators, where Portal Masters can create their very own playable Skylanders characters, Activision has partnered with SuperAwesome’s leading kids’ safe social content platform PopJam, to launch the search for the UK’s most imaginative child. Over the next three weeks, PopJam will host the exclusive competition offering one lucky winner and their family the trip of a lifetime to San Francisco, California, where they will visit the Toys For Bob studio, the developer of Skylanders™ Imaginators and the creator of the Toys-to-Life category.

Launching on Friday 21st October following the worldwide release of Skylanders™ Imaginators earlier this month, the competition will give thousands of kids the opportunity to unleash their imaginations and draw their very own Skylander. Fans will be encouraged to get inspired and create the most inventive and innovative Skylander they can imagine via PopJam’s creative tools.*

The most creative competition entries will be considered by Activision’s Imaginators Panel in its search for the UK’s Chief Imagination Officer, with one winning child set to claim the title and unbelievable prize. The panel of creatives, featuring Stampy Cat, Sara Cox, and Toys for Bob Co-Founder and Studio Head, Paul Reiche, will together choose the winning creation.

The winning child and their family will be whisked away to San Francisco, where they will spend a day at the Toys For Bob studio in Novato to get an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the latest Skylanders game and have the opportunity to gain insight into character design, level inspiration and gameplay mechanics with the creative team. This is a unique opportunity for the ultimateSkylanders fan to gain an understanding of how those much-loved characters are designed, imagined and created.

YouTube gaming star Stampy Cat added, “I am really looking forward to judging the entries for the UK’s Chief Imagination Officer competition and seeing what sorts of designs everyone comes up with. I will be looking for the most unique and creative Skylanders. The prize of visiting the studio in San Francisco will be such an incredible experience for whoever becomes the Imagination Officer.”

TV and Radio presenter Sara Cox commented, “My son has always been a huge fan of Skylanders so I am very much looking forward to judging the UK’s Chief Imagination Officer competition. It’s great to be a part of an initiative that fuels creativity and I can’t wait to see the amazing Skylanders that will be dreamed up by the nation.  From character names, to character design and even super powers – I’m looking for the wildest and wackiest entries to find a deserving winner for the fantastic prize that’s on offer.”


We were sent the game in order to review

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