Beauty and The Bright Smile: How Teeth Whitening Enhances Your Look

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By Luciana Oliveira

Flashing a set of pearly whites is an excellent confidence boost. In fact, research shows that people with white teeth are received as younger. Additionally, those people tend to get more positive social judgments than those with discolored or stained teeth.

However, whether we want to admit it or not, society favors attractive people, and for many of them, it all begins with a white smile. Stay with us as we elaborate on the significance of a beautiful smile and how you can get one without much trouble. 

The Significance of a Beautiful Smile

Having a beautiful smile is a powerful asset that opens many doors. In a society focused on first impressions and appearances, a white, bright smile can get you places you would otherwise not be able to get in. 

Besides the fact that people perceive white smiles as a sign of confidence, approachability, reliability, and good social status, we also tend to think that a beautiful smile makes us more confident. Even if you weren’t blessed with a show-stopping white smile, you could work your way to achieving it easier than you might think. 

Over time, your teeth may naturally yellow or discolor. Luckily, many teeth whitening options are available, ranging from take-home kits to in-office treatments. Teeth whitening is a popular and simple option for enhancing your smile and can provide you with an extra boost of confidence.

Teeth-Whitening Methods

From laser treatments to teeth-whitening products, you can achieve a dashing smile in a reasonable time in many ways. And, most importantly, you won’t have to spend a fortune.

Teeth-Whitening Products

According to NatruSmile, fluoride-based toothpaste and teeth-whitening gels play a crucial role in the process of de-staining discolored teeth. Besides the naturally occurring fluoride, lasers and LED lights are also often used as reliable methods for whitening the teeth.

Additionally, you can try out teeth-whitening trays and kits that are super easy to use and deliver outstanding results, all without going to the dentist.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Even though this is one of the priciest options, still, in-office professional teeth whitening is considered the most reliable process of whitening teeth. When it comes to professional teeth whitening, a bleaching product is usually applied directly to your teeth. 

Sometimes, a light or laser is used to activate the whitening agents and enhance the results. A dental specialist does the whole process, typically taking around an hour to complete.

Natural Teeth Whitening

Natural teeth whitening is all about using everyday items that you probably have in your kitchen to whiten your teeth. Things like baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, lemons, strawberries, oranges, and papaya, which are naturally acidic, can all be used to brighten your teeth. Activated carbon powder with coconut can also be used to get those pearly whites shining. These natural methods are often promoted as a safer alternative to store-bought products, and you can do them yourself at home.

Laser Teeth Whitening

A bleaching gel is applied to your teeth during a laser teeth-whitening procedure. A laser is then directed onto your teeth, which heats up the gel, activating its whitening properties and altering stain molecules on the teeth.

Laser teeth whitening is a cosmetic treatment that can give you a brighter and more radiant smile. It’s also sometimes referred to as laser teeth bleaching. Even though this method is more expensive than other options, it is still common and frequent among people looking for their perfect smile.

Teeth Whitening With Toothpaste

Using toothpaste containing teeth-whitening ingredients is one of the most popular (and affordable) methods of whitening your teeth without visiting a professional. Most whitening toothpaste contains fluoride, which, as we mentioned earlier, has great whitening effects on the teeth.

Alternative Approaches to Enhancing Your Smile Appearance

If you’re looking for ways to improve the way your smile looks, we’ve got some pointers to consider. 

  • Crowns: A crown can help strengthen a tooth and make it look better. They blend in with your other teeth naturally and provide a long-lasting way to improve your smile.
  • Dental implants: If you have gaps in your smile, dental implants can fill them in and make you feel more confident than ever. They look and feel like real teeth and are a permanent solution.
  • Bonded teeth: When you have a chipped or stained tooth, bonding can help restore its natural look. Remember that bonded teeth may not be as strong as other options.
  • Teeth straightening treatments: Having straighter teeth not only look great, but it also makes it easier to keep your teeth clean.

Lifestyle Changes for Maintaining a Bright Smile

It’s no secret that our habits and lifestyle choices can majorly impact our oral health. Smoking and indulging in too many sweets is a surefire way to invite tooth decay, discoloration, cavities, and a range of other unpleasant oral health issues. Not exactly the recipe for a winning smile!

If you care about having beautiful teeth, it’s important to prioritize healthy habits. This means cutting back on bad vices that can negatively impact the aesthetics and health of your teeth. Say goodbye to cigarettes, and limit your sugar intake to keep those pearly whites white only.

Wrapping up: Enhancing Your Look Through Whiter Teeth

Other than leading to better oral hygiene and dental habits, whiter teeth are also associated with confidence, reliability, approachability, and overall positive social judgments (no matter how shallow it may sound).

If you’re a me-first type of person, you probably take your oral and dental health seriously and do your best to keep your smile shiny and healthy. Luckily, you don’t have to break the bank to transform your smile. Teeth-whitening products and laser treatments are at the center of attention for many, and with the pace the hype is rising, there’s no end to the popularity in sight.

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