Beatrix New York iPad Cases

Beatrix New York iPad Cases

Recently Mr Z and Mr T were sent a couple of iPad cases to review from Beatrix New York. They are really lovely! Mr Z chose the robot (named Pixel) and Mr T chose the dinosaur (named Percival). They also have an owl (Papar) or a ladybird (Juju) design available, which are slightly girlier.

The cases fit any brand of tablet, up to a maximum size of 10.1″ – which is the size of an iPad. You can see above how the sizes would compare for a full sized iPad and a smaller 7″ android tablet (or an iPad mini). It is a snugger fit for the iPad and has a little more room around the smaller tablet but both fit well and feel secure enough in the cases. It fits any generation of iPad. The one the boys have at the moment is an old 1st generation one which may be a little thicker and bulkier than the more recent models.

The quality of these Beatrix New York cases is really really nice. I had not heard of the brand before, but looking at their website I have seen all the celebrity parents using their products, which is not surprising as they do have a more high end feel to them and the designs are very cool.

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The cases feel quite padded, which gives them more protection when being carried around by children and would be great for keeping their tablets safe while travelling. There is also a really soft velvety lining on the inside which cushions everything well. The cases are water resistant, PVC free, Phthalate free, BPA free, lead free & BPA free. There is a label on the back to write your child’s name and phone number, so that hopefully if it gets lost, you have that little bit more chance of being reunited with your tablet!

The Beatrix New York iPad cases are more for travelling with your child’s iPad or keeping it safe when not in use, as you have to remove the tablet from the case to use it. So if you are looking for a protective tablet to keep the iPad safe from young children while in use, you will need something else in addition to these.

Beatrix New York also make childrens bags and lunchboxes with the same characters, so you could get a matching set. Mr Z and Mr T love the characters that they have chosen. The little details make them really appealing – Mr Z loved the binary code coming out from the robot’s mouth!

The iPad cases are available in the UK from John Lewis for £29.95 each

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