Batman Sensory Play with Schleich DC Comics Figures

My boys are totally into the superheroes phase at the moment, especially R (3) and Batman is a favourite. Schleich have come out with a new range of DC Comics figures, including a Batman vs Joker pack which makes a great addition to our superhero figures collection. What I love about these figures, is like all of the schleich figures or animals, they are so versatile and can easily be incorporated into so many different types of play. The boys will also happily play with the figures as a stand alone toy, but since they are smaller than some of our other super hero figures, the Schleich figures are perfect to include in sensory bins or small world set ups.

Batman sensory play tray set up with coloured rice, cardboard tube buildings and Batman superhero figures


We set up a simple sensory play tray with the Batman and joker figures with some coloured rice, and a couple of cardboard roll tubes turned into buildings to make Gotham city. R and T (5) were immersed in play with this for a long time acting out scenes between the two characters, trapping them in the buildings and showering them with rice.

Here’s a closer look at the two figures in the Batman Vs Joker Schleich set:

Schleich DC Comics super hero figures Batman vs JokerThey both come with a stand at the bottom, ideal for displaying in a child’s room when they are not playing, and they come in a fixed pose. They are hand painted figures and have lots of detail.

See this set on Amazon here, or check out the Superman Vs Darkseid version which your child might also like. There are plenty of individual superhero figures available from Schleich too which we will hopefully collect over time.

R loves the figures and they are withstanding plenty of play so far.

playing with schleich dc comics figures


So for our Batman sensory bin, we used dark blue / purple rice to make it like a dark night in Gotham city – especially since the Batman figure here is the Dark Knight rises style Batman. To prepare the rice, I use this simple rice colouring method and it is done within 5-10 minutes.

batman sensory play with rice


This set is great for 2 children to play together, with one character each. The boys had lots of fun hiding Joker inside one of the cardboard tube buildings then sending Batman to rescue the person in the building – only to find it was Joker, so then they would battle and cover the other character with rice, or trap them into another building and funnel rice on top of them to keep them locked away.

imaginary play with Joker and Batman batman sensory play sensory play with coloured rice and funnelThere’s so much scope for different types of imaginary play with these Schleich figures, and you could include them in set ups with all sorts of materials.

Since they are quite small, they are also a really handy toy to take out while travelling, or visiting friends and family.

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