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TMRbox is a brand new breakfast subscription box, sending a variety of healthy breakfast cereals and porridges each week to make breakfast easy and keep things more interesting. Despite it being well known that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, with plenty of health benefits, still around 1/3 of people (20 million in the UK!) admit to missing breakfast. Hopefully with these healthy breakfasts from TMRbox arriving through the door, this will help to make breakfast irresistible, and it will no longer be skipped! 
Tmrbox breakfast subscription box. Easy way to get a variety of healthy breakfasts and avoid skipping breakfastI tried out a sample TMRbox including 3 granolas and 2 portions of porridge as you can see above. The flavours were:

  • Hawaiian Pleasure
  • A Shot of Caffeine
  • Strawberry Cereal
  • Pure Berry Chia Porridge
  • Blackcurrant, Blue / Blackberry Porridge

There are 50 different breakfast choices available with TMRbox so this solves the problem if you feel bored of getting stuck in the same breakfast rut with your daily cereal.

I enjoyed the flavours that I tried. Each one was quite different from each other, and stood out from the typical cereals you buy in large boxes in the supermarket – particularly the shot of caffeine granola which is not something I had come across before, but is great!

I also really liked that all of the options are pretty healthy, so it helps to get the morning off to the right start

tmrbox a shot of caffeine granola. coffee flavour cereal

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Discount Code

If you fancy trying TMR box for yourself, use the code tmrbox60 to get 60% off the price of your first box.


One lucky In The Playroom reader will win a 7 day breakfast box sample from TMRbox. For your chance to win, enter via the Gleam widget below


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  1. I love eggs benedict with smoked salmon, but when that’s not available, I have weetabix with mixed fruit

  2. Homemade muesli that I have prepared the night before by soaking porridge oats and adding seasonal local fruit to it just before serving.


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