Bathroom Lighting Ideas: 3 Tips for Vanity & Ceiling Lights

The right kind of lights can amplify any room, including the bathroom. Choosing the right kinds of bathroom lights is as important as choosing the right kinds of furniture. Different types of lights serve different purposes. Like, vanity lights will help one apply the perfect winged eyeliner, and ceiling light will illuminate the entire bathroom. So, how does one choose the right kind of bathroom light from so many choices? 

How to choose the right kind of bathroom light? 


There are lots of options to choose from. So how exactly can one choose the right kind of bathroom light for their bathroom? Let’s find out: 


  • Choose from the variety of designs- When it comes to choosing the bathroom lights, there are plenty of options to choose from. Before selecting the lighting product, one needs to know exactly what kinds of bathroom light they are looking for, what’s the size of the bathroom, and which type of light will complement their personality. 


  • Quality of the light- The quality of the light is the first criterion to keep in mind. In a bathroom, the tone and the shade play an essential role. Therefore, the light should be as close to natural as possible. The quality of the light should be decent, and the distribution of the light should be equal. 


  • The direction of the light- One needs to place the light in such a way that illuminates the entire room properly. The light should fall in every order so that no place can stay in the dark. 

  • Size of the light- The light size varies with the size of the bathroom. The size of the light should always be proportionate to the size of the bathroom. The goal should be to illuminate the entire bathroom. 


3 Tips for vanity and ceiling lights:  

In a bathroom, the most important light is the vanity and the ceiling lights. And placing these lights is a very tricky thing. To do so, one needs to keep in mind the following guidelines: 


  • Perfectly place the lights beside the bathroom mirror- To illuminate the bathroom and give it a decent look, one needs to ideally put the vanity and the ceiling light. The vanity lights should always be placed beside the vanity mirrors of the bathroom. At the same time, the ceiling lights should be placed on the ceiling. 


  • Model the bathroom lighting after daylight- The best kind of light for the bathroom is natural light. The exact color of our skin, hair, and face are best represented in the daylight. So this is what one needs to keep in mind while designing their bathroom. To mimic the daylight, one needs to choose bathroom lighting products with white shades.  

  • Layer the vanity lighting- On an excellent bathroom experience, one should never have just one single bright kind of light. For a complete experience, the bathroom light should go from bright morning lights to soft mode light when hot tubs bath. Therefore, one should keep varieties of layers of the vanity light. So, they can dim these or turn these up according to their mood. 


Wrapping up

A brighter day starts with a brighter bath. These guidelines will help one to select the perfect vanity and ceiling lights for their bathroom. A bathroom is a place where one starts their day and also retires when it’s time to untangle their thoughts. 


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