Back to School With Start-Rite Shoes

It is almost time to send our children back to school, but before that time arrives there are so many things for parents to tick off the list to make sure that everyone is organised, smart and presentable ready to learn. 

One of the most important back to school priorities for me is to make sure that the children have good quality well fitting school shoes. They will be wearing these shoes all day long, walking to and from school and running around in the playground, so the shoes need to be as comfortable and practical as possible. 

Start-Rite shoes are a brand that I can always rely on for good quality and well fitting shoes so this summer holidays I made a fitting appointment at Start-Rite in Fenwicks Brent Cross to get my younger two children, N and R measured and fitted ready for back to school time. 

start-rite school shoes

Start-Rite School shoes range

N is 4 years old and will be starting her first year of school in Reception this September and R is 10 years old and will be going into Year 6 for his final year of primary school. 

Start-Rite have a full range of school shoes suitable for all ages of school children, for boys and girls. Both of the kids were able to find a great pair of shoes that feel comfortable and look smart for school.  

start rite school shoes

Start-Rite shoes are pretty durable. These are shoes that look smart but can also handle the wear and tear of children’s play time. 

There is a variety of styles. For boys you can find a mixture of velcro or lace up, more formal or tougher ones which lean more towards trainer style while still being within the school uniform policy for most schools. 

For the girls range there are plenty of t-bar and Mary Jane styles, with patent or matte leather. 

start rite school shoes in store

Getting your child’s school shoes fitted

Having your child’s shoes professionally measured and fitted by the expert fitters in store gives you the peace of mind that the sizing has been done correctly and that you have the most ideal shoes for your child.

I always prefer to get this done, rather than fitting the shoes by myself because the kids foot health and development is really import. Start-Rite have a full range of width fittings as well as sizes, so this can impact the fit and the shoes seem to fit more comfortably. 

back to school shoe fitting

The fitters at the Start-Rite department at Fenwicks Brent Cross were so helpful and patient and made my children feel very comfortable. 

First, they will measure your child’s feet with the foot gauge for both size and width and then help you choose a few suitable styles from the range to try on. 

The fitters then check the feel of the shoe all around your child’s foot, at the toes, sides and ankles and will have them walk around the shop a bit so they can watch how the shoes look on their feet while walking. 

girls school shoes t-bar for reception

For N we chose this pair of black t-bar school shoes with a patent toe at the front. This style is called dance and starts at a size 3, up to size 10 and a half.

If you have a child going into reception or nursery who is a little on the smaller than average side, it is great that Start-Rite have some of their school shoes available from such small sizes because I have friends with petite girls who have struggled to find the appropriate sizes in school shoes elsewhere. 

For R, he chose a pair of shoes from the Start-Rite Rhino school shoes range . This is a hardwearing range of older boys shoes suitable for secondary school or the older primary school children. The sizes on the Sherman style which R chose go from an adult size 2 up to adult size 9, and some of the shoes in the Rhino range even go up to a size 11. 

older boys lace up school shoes

R also had his shoes measured and fitted in store, as it’s just as important for the older children as their feet are still growing and developing too. With all the running and football that he does during the school day, he really needs a comfortable and hardwearing pair of shoes to see him through the year. 

older boys lace up school shoes start-rite

How do I book a Start-Rite shoes fitting appointment for my child?

To save stress and help you get organised with your back to school shopping, you can book fitting appointments online. 

Fenwicks appointments can be made via StartRite by visiting and selecting the Fenwicks Brent Cross when making a booking. This was a really simple process which I completed in a couple of minutes ahead of our visit. 

Visit the Start-Rite website to take a look at their full range of school shoes so that you can get an idea of thes styles that you like, and then book your fitting appointment. Or if you are sure of your child’s sizes already you can order the school shoes online. 

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