Baby Clothes: What do you need for the first few months?

When you have a new baby, it’s so tempting to go crazy and buy up all of the cute outfits and accessories! However, especially in the early days, comfort really is the most important thing for your little baby.

When packing your hospital bag, I always think its wise to pack a couple of different sizes just in case. I’ve had four babies all of quite different weights (from 6lb at the smallest to 9.5lb at the largest, and a couple in between) and of course that can affect how the clothes fit. Most babies will not be big enough to go straight into 0-3 sizes, so it is definitely worth getting a few things in newborn or up to 1 month sizes. They’ll probably be in them for a week or so even if your baby is on the big side, or at least a month if they’re a little smaller.

You can pick up good quality essentials from shops like Petit Bateau. I would definitely recommend stocking up on sleep suits and vests. I find long sleeved vests really handy to have especially in the cold weather, but if you have a summer baby they’re also really useful to go under baby sleeping bags if you’re using those for night time.

I also like to get little outfits that are all in one, for the early days. You can get dresses with the cardigans built in, or outfits that are actually sleep suits but look like clothes, like this one from Petit Bateau.

These are really nice for when you want baby to look a bit dressed up, but also stay really comfy and cosy – especially while they’re sleeping a lot during the newborn days. I also find sometimes their dresses and tops can ride up while being carried around so these kind of clothes help to avoid that issue and keep baby looking nice and tidy.

How many outfits do you need? That really depends on how much washing you want to do. I’d recommend allowing a slightly generous amount, especially on things like vests, cardigans, tights and basic sleepsuits, just incase you have days where baby gets through more outfits than you’d bargained for and you’re falling behind on the washing – you don’t want to get caught short. It also depends if you have a tumble dryer or are relying on the weather to get things line dried. I just tumble dry everything but if you need to allow time for drying you may need a few more bits just in case.

I would say the minimum you’ll probably need in each size would be:

  • 5-6 sleepsuits
  • 10 vests
  • 3-4 outfits
  • 2 cardigans
  • 5-6 pairs of socks or tights
  • 2 hats
  • 1 coat or snowsuit
  • 1 or 2 pairs of baby booties or shoes (check this guide from nicer shoes)

You might also want to add extras like bibs which are useful from the start if bottle feeding, and soon handy once your baby starts dribbling whether formula fed or breastfed, or scratch mits – although I always find the inbuilt ones in sleep suits to be much easier as they don’t get lost and my babies never kept the other type on!

Once you’ve got yourself sorted for baby clothes, you might also need to research strollers. Take a look at some of the best running strollers here from Gear We Are.


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  1. Hey,

    After reading this article I came to know more on this topic.
    It is a goal of every mother to dress their infant in the best possible outfit, making sure their newborn looks adorable than a bunny.
    However, these mothers think that one can only wear one’s infant well when one has a big budget devoted to shopping. Which is not true. You can also buy well on a limited budget if you buy carefully.And while shopping you should always look for the bigger size baby clothes.

    Thank you for the great sharing.

  2. Those clothes are essential for a newborn baby. I was trying to make that kind of list for my baby. That is truly a valuable post. Now I hope my baby will feel comfortable with those clothing.


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