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I’d been looking for some simple books and toys for baby N to keep her entertained and help her development during awake times, and found some lovely things for new babies over at Kiddies Kingdom.

We chose a couple of soft books from Tiny Love, which they sent over for us to try out.

Tiny Love Double Sided First Book

Get it here on Kiddies Kingdom for 12.99

This fold out book has striking black, white and red high contrast images on one side (best suited for newborns) and more colourful images on the other side (for older babies).

I had been looking for black and white toys for N as these are often the best to keep babies interested at this age, with their newborn vision. This first book folds out so you can use it to entertain baby in their cot, play mat or anywhere that you’ve put them down. We’ve been using it for N on her play mat, to make the space a bit more interesting for her and once we get her cot up, I will use it there too – it has strings that you can use to easily attach to the cot.

Tiny Love Where Do I Live Book

Get it on Kiddies Kingdom here for 10.99

This book is in the more traditional pages format, but with lots of textures to explore on each page. It makes lots of crinkling sounds and has soft pieces to touch and feel, especially as baby gets a bit older.

As you can see, it has a ring clip so it can be easily attached to wherever baby is like here we hung it on her bouncing chair, or you can put it on the car seat or buggy to allow baby to look at it on the go without getting lost. This is pretty handy as I like to regularly change the toys on N’s car seat to keep it interesting for her.

The colourful pages feature lots of animals and insects like butterflies, fish, bees and ladybirds. It doesn’t have any words as you can just talk to baby about the pictures and textures.

Both of these books are lovely for small babies like N. We got them when she was around 1 month old and she’s now nearly two months old, and they will last her for many more months. I’m always keen on starting babies young with books, and although I do read story picture books with her too these are great as she can explore them herself as she grows, touching and pulling and turning the pages as it’s totally soft and un-rippable.

Kiddies Kingdom have a wide range of baby toys and equipment so I’ll definitely browse for other things we need too.

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