Avoiding Sickness When Travelling with Children

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Avoiding Sickness When Travelling with Children

It can be difficult to keep your children safe from infection and illness when you are travelling. They are simply exposed to so many more surfaces and hazards when you are out and about. Not only do they want to touch everything that’s new and exciting to them, but they are also coming into contact with a lot of pathogens that they probably haven’t built up an immunity to yet.

Tips on Avoiding Sickness When Travelling with Children

Pack the Essentials

You’ll want to safeguard your children by having the right medications they will need on hand for any emergency. You definitely want to take their regular vitamins and minerals. If they aren’t taking anything, some chewable multivitamins are great for them. These help bolster their immune systems and keep their bodies healthy, preventing many common illnesses.

You also want to take some cough and cold medications. Even if it isn’t cold or flu season, the changes in temperature as you travel can cause their sinuses to act up. Multi-symptom liquid medications are best for children their age and can help to cover the symptoms from a wide range of illnesses.

If your children regularly take any medications, such as asthma or allergy medication, be sure to get these refilled before you go. You may also want to have spares on hand, since it may be harder to replace lost medicine while you are abroad. Be sure to talk to their doctors about any precautions you need to take while travelling with them because of their medical conditions.

Prepare for Traveller’s Diarrhoea

You’ll probably also want to pack some anti-diarrhoeal medication. People often become ill while travelling due to changes in environment or diet. Children are more likely to become ill than adults are because of their weaker immune systems. An anti-diarrhoeal medication can treat the symptoms quickly and effectively and ensure that your trip doesn’t turn into a nightmare as you have to deal with your kids’ symptoms.

Traveller’s diarrhoea is a specific type of diarrhoea that tends to affect people travelling. It occurs when there are unsanitary conditions present during food preparation. The people who normally eat the food- those who live in the area- are used to the pathogens and bacteria on the food. Your children are not, and the may suffer from traveller’s diarrhoea as a result.

The best way to treat this using a stomach settling medication like Pepto-Bismol and ensuring that your children get plenty of food and liquids. If their condition is persistent or severe, though, then you should see a doctor.

Your child’s health is extremely important, and if they are affected by some medical problem while you are abroad, you should treat it with suspicion and seek medical help at the first sign of serious trouble.

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