DIY Personalised Washi Tape Craft For Kids

Did you know that you can transfer printed text to washi tape? I only found out recently.
It’s so cool!

This might be the easiest washi tape craft for kids EVER! It’s perfect for making labels that won’t damage toys, but it’s also great for learning spellings and sight words in a fun way.

DIY personalised washi tape for kids, fun craft that you can use to make labels or even learn spellings
*An important note: this craft will work with Japanese paper washi tape such as MT or Masté brand (both available at The Paperdashery), but I don’t think it will work well (if at all) with plastic decorative tapes*

What you need to make DIY personalised washi tape craft for kids

  • Japanese paper washi tape, such as MT or Masté brand.
    Choose a pale colour with no patterns or images for the best result.
  • A computer with printer and paper.
  • A plastic spreader/scraper (optional, but helpful for kids)

How to make DIY personalised washi tape craft for kids

  1. Decide what you would like your washi tape text to say (a repeated phrase, a name, the spellings you need to learn or anything else you like!)
  2. Type out your chosen word(s) or phrase – this is great practice for kids to learn their spellings.
  3. Print out the text.
  4. Lay your washi tape over the words and use your nail or spreader to scrape firmly along the top of the text, helping the ink transfer to the tape. This works best on freshly printed text.

    making personalised washi tape 

  5. Peel the end of your tape up gently and check that the text has transferred. If not, lay it back down carefully and scrape some more.
  6. Once you can see the text on the tape when you lift it up, peel it slowly off the paper. Be careful here, as it will curl up – sometimes an extra pair of hands is helpful!
  7. making personalised washi tape
  8. Use your tape to label special toys, school books, or create a collage by layering it with other washi tapes.

making personalised washi tape

Have fun personalising your washi tape and using it for creative projects!

making personalised washi tape

Author: Gude Hudson-Gool


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