Kangaroo Beach – New Show on Nick Jr

Kangaroo Beach is a brand new show about four young animal friends, Pounce, Gemma, Neville and Frizzy, who spend an action-packed summer at the spectacular Kangaroo Beach, training as junior cadets with their lifeguard heroes. When an emergency breaks out, the cadets step up to help keep the water safe.

The show is made up of short episodes which are 11 minutes long – ideal to keep the attention of younger viewers like my 4 year old daughter N. We watched a few episodes of the show and both enjoyed the stories together.  

As a parent, I really liked the positive messaging in the episode of “Stay Calm and Snorkel” it was about how we all feel nervous sometimes, and the trainer taught the animal friends to notice their feelings and name them to help them cope, and then reminded them that even when things are not calm outside we can still learn to create our own calm inside. I thought that this is great, and such a positive message. These techniques are difficult to master even as adults, so introducing our children to these ideas at a young age can only help them in life. 

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Aura Print Business Cards Review

Whatever your business, having a quick way to pass over your details to interested clients is essential so for every business, business cards are a must have, and of course a beautiful and stylish design for your business cards makes a great first impression. 

We had the opportunity to review a set of business cards from Aura Print, and were so impressed by the variety of options available and by the quality of the finished cards which we received. Aura Print were so helpful in their communications regarding the final design and sent across detailed proofs via PDF so we could make sure we were totally happy with the way that everything would appear in the finished product. 

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Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

Pets.. we love them, but they can definitely add to the cleaning work load of the family home. Some common messy traits that we pet owners have to deal with are shedding hair, spreading mud around the house, getting food everywhere or litter and toileting accidents. 

Beko put together some research showing 2021 Pet Habits revealed and we are going to share some cleaning tips to help all of you pet owners, whether you are a cat household, a dog household or even a fish household. 

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3 Productive Ideas for Studying from Home

With all this time that many of us have had at home over the past year and a half with lockdowns, it has given a lot of time to think and re-evaluate. For so many people, this has given us the push to re-evaluate what we are doing with our lives, what our goals are, and whether we would prefer to go in a different direction. 

If you have used this time for self reflection and want to make some changes, one of the first steps can be studying from home to get yourself the qualifications and background knowledge that will be needed to take the plunge into your chosen new career, and follow your passion. 

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7 Holiday Destinations to Visit in the UK this Summer

This summer, with the on going travel restrictions for international holidays, taking your break within the UK is looking more appealing than ever. While saving yourself the hassle of taking part in restrictive testing and quarantines, you will also get the chance to appreciate and experience some of the brilliant parts of the country that you may not have visited before and discover some beautiful British gems right here on our door step.

We will take you through some of the best options for UK breaks this summer, both city based and coastal or rural options, so there is something for everyone. You can visit Ebooking to find many great options for booking your hotels all around the UK.


As the Capital city of the UK, London naturally has so much to offer tourists. If you are travelling as a family with children, London has plenty to keep them busy from the Museums to the parks, London Zoo or the SeaLife London Aquarium, to famous national landmarks and sights like Buckingham palace and the London Eye.

Staying centrally in areas like Paddington, Kings Cross, Covent Garden or South Kensington will give you great access to lots of attractions and you can quickly and easily get around on the tube to explore further.

From London, you can also consider day trips slightly further afield to attractions such as Legoland Windsor. Or take a de-tour and spend a few days around Windsor itself to see the castle, and the atmosphere around this beautiful town.

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Garden Camping with Regatta Pop Up Tents

With this nice weather, keeping the kids entertained at home becomes a lot easier because they can burn a lot of their energy outside, if you are lucky enough to have a garden.

Simple activities in the garden keep all of our kids occupied for most of the day, whether they are having water fights, blowing bubbles or playing football. Another great activity that we introduced for the kids is putting a tent in the garden, which they love to play in and is great to use as a den for imaginary games, or just a nice place to chill in the shade.

We were sent one of Regatta’s pop up tents which are so quick and easy to set up, whether you are at home in the garden or going camping for a weekend.

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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is coming up on the 20th June this year. If you’re looking for some Father’s Day Gift inspiration, we have you covered whether you’re looking for gifts that Dad can enjoy together with the kids for bonding and quality time, whether you would like something stylish for him to wear and enjoy or whether you prefer to opt for some foodie gifts.

Father’s Day is a great opportunity to appreciate Dads and thank them for all that they do, and what they bring to the family so let’s celebrate Dads and spoil them with some fun and thoughtful gifts this Father’s Day!

Father’s Day Gifts For Family Fun

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Creating a Calming Nursery Environment with Very

With a new baby in the house, creating a calm environment and getting everyone into a new and settled routine is key. Whether this is your first baby, or your fourth baby, there will be some changes in the house and it is just as exciting to get the baby’s space and nursery ready with all of the little things you both need to feel settled and organised.

You can find so many of the essentials that you will need for your baby at Very and here are a few that we chose for Baby James to help nurture a calm environment and encourage his development.

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A Dad Joke A Day

Dads are known for their cringeworthy jokes, and in our house it is no different. DaddiLife, have put together a book with over 365 of their best dad jokes, to help keep Dads stocked up with ‘hilarious’ new material to torment their families with their Dad humour, and keep the eye rolls coming all year round.

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