Attractive And Comfortable Design: A Guide To Decorating Your Airbnb

Owning an Airbnb property today is a wonderful way to make money while providing guests with a lovely location to stay for their vacation or temporary accommodation for work. When it comes to enticing people to choose your property to stay at however, location is becoming much less of a driving force due to many people taking the plunge into running these holiday properties. Now, with much more choice out there, you need to make sure your property stands out from the rest to draw in the customers. Not only that, but your property is sought after and attractive will also put you in a better position to increase your profits too. Read on for our top tips for creating an attractive and comfortable, yet cost-effective Airbnb property.


Focus On Your Target Audience

Depending on how long you’ve owned the property, you’ll probably have a strong sense of the general demographic that visits the area. Is it a family space with lots of locations around for activities? Is it a relaxing space for older generations to put their feet up? Or maybe there’s a large number of students and young people visiting for nights out and partying. Make sure you do your research and figure out exactly who you’ll be catering to. There’s not much point in designing your property with every demographic in mind as you’ll likely make the place feel poorly thought out or bland. Focus on your target guests and design your property with them in mind such as comfortable outdoor seating for those after a relaxing summer getaway, or ample workspace for those working away from home.

Keep Comfort In Mind

No matter who is staying at your property, everybody likes comfort. Whether your guests are spending a majority of their time relaxing indoors or only coming back to sleep, you’re going to want to ensure they’re as comfortable as possible. Quality furniture, especially mattresses and bedding are essential for providing your guests with a good night’s sleep and a pleasant stay. Don’t forget to supply your guests with the right amenities too. It’s easy to forget essential items when going on holiday and having a selection of useful items waiting for you including cleaning supplies, fresh towels and bedsheets, and things like toothpaste and soap can be a real relief. Another important aspect to this is making sure your Airbnb isn’t too hot or cold. During the summertime, you should be prepared for heatwaves and make sure there are plenty of fans or even an air conditioning unit in place. Likewise, during the cold winter months, make sure your visitors have access to good central heating. To counteract the overuse of heating which can cost a lot of money, you’ll want to make sure the property has great insulation in both the windows and walls. 

Utilise Every Part Of The House

This is as important for small houses as well as large houses but for two slightly different reasons. If your Airbnb is a small, cozy cottage, you might find that there are some room and spaces that seem too small to bother with. We would suggest that you reconsider with these areas and try your best to make great use of every bit of space possible. A small alcove for example could be the perfect place for a snug or den for those relaxing, rainy days. You can even increase the amount of space in your rooms by embracing verticality with wall shelves and hiding things away with under-furniture storage. When it comes to managing a larger property, it can sometimes be difficult to find a good use for every room. When you’ve got an Airbnb with more than four bedrooms, the likelihood is you’re going to have a lot of guests. There’s nothing stopping you from having multiple living areas and dining rooms to give these guests more options for where they’d like to sit. Alternatively, you might even find that you can split the property into two and rent them both out to separate parties, giving you the option for much higher profits. The downside to this though is you’ll require planning permission for the change, and there’s a fair amount of work that will need to be done to separate the property. It might be worth it in the end though.

Choose Eye-Catching Floors

Designing your property with aesthetics in mind, is incredibly important for guests, especially younger generations. You’ll find that over time, your property will begin appearing on people’s social media channels, especially Instagram, but only if you’ve put the effort in to create a wonderfully styled vacation home. Your choice of flooring is a very important decision here as you’re going to want to make sure the place is attractive and welcoming at the first glance. A great choice of hallway, landing, and stair carpet will help to set the overall tone and feel of the property as soon as people cross the threshold. It can be difficult to find the right option, but it’s definitely worth putting that extra budget into choosing a great quality, striking, carpet for your Airbnb. 

The Importance Of Style

Everything from walls and carpets to furniture and decorations should be carefully considered and implemented into your overall design. Decide on a theme for your Airbnb and run with it as opposed to having a new theme for every room. Consider sticking with comfort-heavy yet stylish choices as opposed to opting for impractical, chic, and quirky designs. Replacing your furniture with large floor cushions might be intriguing and exciting to some, but if people aren’t comfortable sitting on the floor the entire time, it could end up being quite detrimental to your property’s reputation.

Find Second-Hand Marvels

Charity shops as well as second-hand items from friends and family are both an amazing way to save money on décor and finding hidden gems. Charity shops and online marketplaces often harbour vintage and antique items that can add a huge amount of character to your home. This breaks away from the slightly unappealing clinical look of modern furniture. It’s also worth noting that cheaper second-hand choices are easier to replace than an expensive, brand new designer sofa. Just make sure that the items in question are of a great quality and free from excessive marks or unsightly stains! If your Airbnb is located in another country, you can also get the added benefit of finding some local items to fill your property, adding some cultural authenticity to the place.

Smart Security

For most houses today, high on the list of tech recommendations is smart home devices. When you’re living away from your Airbnb property, these technological marvels can help you to keep track of everything from lights being left on once guests leave, to heating levels and even unlocked or open doors and windows. Security is an essential element to taking care of your properties and having great systems in place to keep on top of your electricity bills and the safety of your property and guests is a brilliant way of maintaining some peace of mind. Having a few security cameras at entrances to your property is also a good way of ensuring how many guests are staying and can also help you to deal with any squatters looking to take advantage of an empty and accidentally unlocked home. Of course, this does raise several privacy concerns and your guests may feel slightly uncomfortable with this level of surveillance. The best bet here is to be open and honest before people pay to stay, so there is no reason for people to complain and give you a bad rating. 

Add Refreshing Greenery

Plants, while being awkward to take care of if you’re not living there, are an essential addition for a touch of nature and freshness in your property. There are a myriad of benefits from having house plants around—they’ve been proven to help boost our mood and reduce stress, and improve air quality amongst other things. Choose a selection of plants to space around your property but try not to go too overboard, unless having a plant room works with your theme of course. It’s important to choose hardier plants to add to your Airbnb that won’t die from a few weeks of neglect if you’re not going to be around there much. If you’re going to be hiring a maintenance crew to swing by and clean the place up during and after your guests have stayed, you can always rely on them to give everything a water. However, there are lots of plants out there that require an incredible amount of care and attention, so make sure you pick the right ones. Nothing drains the appeal of a room more than dead plants.

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