An overview about exam proctoring

The prevailing education sector has altered the mechanisms by which an education sector operates. It is all about embracing education and continuity to take stock of the online education mode. Such a move to the online system of education no longer poses to be a challenge as educators look up to the proctor for exam module. But such a knowledge gap is going to restrict the natural progression.

The inability to locate answers to numerous questions is the essence of remote proctoring. Questions emerge in the form of what works out to be an exam proctor, how students are planning to opt for online proctoring and so on. Schools and educational hubs might resort to offline exams, but an online exam via proctoring is an exam that people crave about. Such a time is right that we go on to alter that concept.

It would be really difficult for an instructor or a student to be comfortable about anything where there knowledge is limited. Not a single examiner is expert at each and everything. So it becomes really difficult for them to have an understanding about remote proctoring. But there are some questions about online proctoring that you need to be aware

Is it possible to opt for a proctored exam at your home?

The freedom is on the candidate to sit for a proctored exam sitting in any remote corner of the world. The only point of consideration is that an environment needs to be safe from fraud.

More about an online proctored exam

During the course of such an exam a candidate has to switch on their audio and video feeds where they need to certify their identity. But this is going to vary as per the inputs of service providers. Some of them could have a 3 way verification system whereas others may have the provision of sophisticated biometrics.

Whatever be the case a test taker is not able to sit for the exam without validation. Once the approval takes the place the test starts and a human proctor or AI is going to monitor the exam from the starting to the finishing stage. If any loopholes emerge in the exam they might be quick to detect it as it is not going to need any type of manual interference.

Is it possible to be proctoring the screen?

The proctors are in a position to access the screen only once they are given permission to do so. Once they gain permission they can utilize the screen and go on to flip through the mouse and the keyboard just as if they are sitting beside a candidate. For them to proctor an exam they have to observe each and everything that happens on the screen after an examination starts. A chart box is visible at the end of a proctor as they could view the permissions anytime as per the needs of a proctor. But the proctors are not in a position to assess the files of a candidate without their knowledge. Each and every action they perform is visible on the screen and trims down the possibility of undertaking anything without the knowledge or expertise of the proctor.

How students can prepare for the online proctoring exam

A suggestion is to incorporate demo tests and work on familiarize yourself with the tests. It is going to provide a sense of confidence in the students so as to clear the exam better. Even there would not be any change in the experience of the candidate who is going to appear for these exams. No limit exists to the number of times you can sit for the exam so as to familiarize with the patterns. Not only the students but even the faculty members can practice the exams to become adept at the same.

The role of proctoring exam during the course of cheat detection

In the market the role of a proctor for exam has gone on to touch new heights as it enables conduct exam with integrity. It is from the comfort of your home. With the use of the right form of proctoring it is going to prevent any unfavourable methods like passing of chits or technological advancements when it comes to the question of cheating. It is going to make the system of cheating impossible for the students.

More about a non – proctored exam

It points to an unsupervised form of learning where there is no longer any need for an online proctor for the exam. Mostly they work out to be a case of self- proctored exams. During the course of test proctoring problems might emerge in the form of power cuts. But a professional company address these issues and solves the problem at the earliest. It makes sure that the exam starts from the stage of a glitch and a lot of time is given to the candidate who has gone on to suffer time loss.

The qualities of an online proctor

The online proctors could administer the test from any remote location of the globe. Even the participants can choose a place of location as per their choice. A golden rule to follow is that the students need to enable proctoring on their screen. There is a need to share the audio , video and live feed on what is happening during the course of an exam. The proctor is in a position to undertake a one on one meeting and administers the meeting from starting to the finishing stage. An example is some of the companies might end up providing a chat option for the students where they can seek replace on their queries

Even it is possible to proctor the exam with Zoom and a series of third party tools. Trust me it is not going to be free from cheating. What it does is that it might go on to make the whole process of exam a futile one. It is better to integrate the software tools at the end of the clients.


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