A Storage Solution When You Are Transitioning Homes

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When we move out of one house and into another, it can be a challenging time to know what to do with certain items. In particular, the larger items that we have more than one of. 

Storage units, which are available from companies such as ezstorit, prove useful to many looking to move house. They buy people time to decide just how many of their items might or might not fit into their new surroundings.

Let us then think about just what we can do with our items, when we are looking to move to a different shaped property or looking to downsize in retirement. Any type of move can benefit from a self-storage solution.

Self-Storage Unit

We will briefly view a property before we buy and move into it, but despite how good our memory is, or how many notes we have made about it, we cannot know exactly how our items will fit into a different space. This is whether it is smaller or larger than our current surroundings. The solution is to put some of our items into self-storage and gradually filter out items into our new property.

It is good to take the time to decide how we want to arrange our previous items inside our new property. We do not buy a house based on the items we want to accommodate but will need to give it thought at some point. 

Moving day will be stressful enough, so if we can eliminate a few items before the event, it will help. We may also find out how useful that storage unit is as a permanent solution to dealing with surplus items that we cannot decide about for now. We will always, of course, want to keep our sentimental items no matter how large or awkward they are.

In combination with self-storage units, it might be worth considering some other storage solutions while moving home.

Planning by Using an Inventory

There is no better way to plan your move than to make an inventory of your items, rather than just attempting to pile them into boxes without giving it much thought. You can then study that inventory at your leisure, to think just how those items might fit into your new property.

If you have time, you might be able to sell that surplus item for a profit. It depends on how useful or important that item is to you now. Tastes change over time. We do not have to keep everything that we have bought or received, depending on who has bought it for us.

Relatives and Friends

You can call on relatives and friends to help store some of your items, provided that they live close by. The advantage of a self-storage unit is that your items will still be accessible as if they were still accommodated within your home.

It can be a big ask to expect anyone to store your surplus items for too long, and you want to avoid them being stored in outbuildings such as gardens or sheds. These can be damp, cold places. Instead, self-storage units will mean that your items are always in the dry and stored in climate-controlled conditions to best preserve them.

Items that require climate-controlled storage will include furniture, electricals, and artwork. Any furniture made from wood, metal, wicker, upholstery, or leather, will need to be kept at a constant temperature that is right for the item. Antiques will then maintain their value, or even increase in value, when they are stored correctly. An investment can soon lose its value if it does not remain in the same condition.

A storage solution for transitioning houses could be found when considering a self-storage unit. This will allow you to strategically plan your house move. An inventory is also a good idea to schedule your move effectively, as is getting relatives or friends on board when they are close by to your new house. Otherwise, it is always going to be better to have that self-storage unit to function as an extra room for your house. A major advantage of self-storage units is that your units will be kept in good, secure condition to help them maintain their value.

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