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Sewing in a small space is perfectly possible. It may be our dream to have a huge sewing studio in a summer house at the end of the garden but for most of us mere mortals, we have to make do with the small space we have available in our homes. 

Perhaps your small space is a corner of the dining room, a balcony on your apartment in London or maybe you’re lucky enough to have an entire room, albeit a small one. 

Whatever your circumstances, sewing in a small space can be done and I’m going to show you how. 

Get a folding table

Even if you have nothing else in your sewing room (apart from a sewing machine, of course), you need a table. Ideally, get the biggest table that will fit in your sewing room but, for extra flexibility, get one that folds. 

I’m not talking about one of those unsteady folding camping tables – they’re not strong enough for the vibrations of the sewing machine motor and the table will wobble about. However, a drop-leaf dining table can be extended when it’s in use and folded down when you need the space back. Also bear in mind there’s nothing to stop you extending the table in front of the doorway if you don’t need to keep leaving the room. 

Use the walls

The walls are your friends in a small sewing room. If you haven’t got much floor space, go upwards instead and cover your walls with shelves, pegboards and hooks. It’s also worth remembering the door is part of the wall and there’s nothing to stop you using an over-the-door hanger to hang up a table-top ironing board or storage bag. 

Cut down on tools and gadgets

Buying loads of tools and gadgets is part of the fun of sewing, I hear ya! But when you’re short on space, you need to cut down on all the tools and gadgets. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably accumulated quite a haul of sewing accessories over the years and you probably have stuff you bought in the beginning of your sewing journey that you’ve outgrown or upgraded and no longer need. 

If this is the case, have a good sort out and sell or rehome any sewing accessories you no longer need. 

Get a craft trolley

Buying a craft trolley may seem like something that’s going to take up space, rather than save it but a trolley is a vital piece of equipment when you’re sewing in a small space. For starters, trolleys are vertical, so you get a lot of storage going upwards and, also, they’re on wheels so you can wheel your trolley out of the way when it’s not needed. 

Although craft trolleys are much of a muchness, some come with more bits than others, such as basket dividers, peg boards, containers, bulk zips, and hooks. 

Sewing in a small space

Although I’m sure we’d all dearly love a huge sewing space with loads of room for our sewing machines and mountainous fabric stash, sewing in a small space is perfectly possible with a bit of forethought and organisation. 

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