Ravensburger Mothers and Babies Chunky Shaped Puzzle Review

Ravensburger Mothers and Babies Chunky Shaped Puzzle is a set of 6 two piece puzzles, each made up of one mummy and one baby animal. This is a great early puzzle for toddlers, which helps develop logic and matching skills but is also lots of fun to play with.

As with all of the puzzles in the Ravensburger ‘My First Puzzles range’ the pieces are chunky and very durable to handle lots of play by young children who are not always the most careful They are all bright and colourful, and can’t easily be bent or torn. We found that the pieces are a great size for toddler hands.

The set includes Mummy and baby cats, dogs, ducks, pigs, cows and sheep, with the baby piece nestling into the image of the Mother animal. This makes the puzzle very simple to put together as there is a clear space, and young children can immediately see where to put the piece to complete the picture.

This puzzle set is recommended for age 18 months and upwards, which I would agree with. My toddler N is 2 years old (26 months) and the puzzles were very easy to put together, but still kept her really well engaged despite being able to put them together very quickly as the mother and baby theme really appealed to her and she really enjoyed playing with the puzzle pieces and talking about all of the animals as she put them together.

The puzzles are great for acting out simple stories, talking about the names for baby animals, and animal sounds. We played simple games, for example I would say “I hear an animal crying, miaow miaow, where is my mummy?” and N would grab the little kitten piece and take it to Mummy cat. She also spent a long time playing independently with the pieces acting out scenes of the babies and mummies looking for each other.

We really enjoyed these puzzles, and found them very versatile, and great for encouraging language and  learning through play. I would definitely recommend them for toddlers of 18 months and upwards.

The Mothers and Babies puzzles are available on Amazon for 6.99 for the set.

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