9 Essentials for Your Baby’s Nursery: Design Basics and More

Ready to take your mind off bothersome pregnancy symptoms and spend a little time planning for baby’s future? You’ll find plenty of great ideas on this list of nine essential items for the nursery. Have fun!

An Adorable Bed

Whether you love the soft look of a bassinette (plus its space-saving size) or if you want to go all out and choose a convertible crib that transforms to a larger bed later, the options are endless. Choose a firm mattress, get at least two protective covers for it, and pick at least two sets of baby sheets.

A Changing Table

You’ll soon be changing diapers on a frequent basis, and a changing table keeps baby safe while helping you get the job done. There are many different styles to choose from, all with different features in terms of surface area, shelving, drawers, and more.


Good news: If your baby’s nursery comes with its own closet, then you can easily organize it into sections for quick access to everything from diapers to toys. Mount shelves on the wall for added storage and display space, and consider a storage ottoman, which can double as a handy footrest. Remember to add a laundry hamper, too.


Pick a fun theme! Animals are very popular – from sweet forest creatures to exotic jungle dwellers, they make the nursery a fun place to be while offering gender-neutral appeal. Not sure where to start? Pinterest is an excellent source of inspiration, with exciting nursery themes for everyone.

Soft Lighting

Lights make the mood, and nursery lighting should be gentle. Have your overhead light fitted with a dimmer switch, add unique nursery lamps, or consider wall sconces if you’re tight on space.

A Chair or Two

A comfy rocking chair or glider serves as the perfect place to feed your baby or just enjoy some quiet time together. If you have room, consider a daybed, futon, or sofa where you can rest between nighttime feedings. A second seat helps you welcome others into baby’s nursery. It’s not essential, but it is nice to have.

Baby Monitor

Choose a baby monitor that meets your budget, and be sure to read reviews to find out if the brand you have in mind is known to cause interference with other electronics. Some brands are compatible with smartphones and tablets, reducing the amount of necessary equipment.

Safety Essentials

While making your nursery checklist, remember to add a few safety items. You’ll need a carbon monoxide detector and a smoke detector, at minimum. Later on, you’ll need to add outlet covers – not just in baby’s room, but throughout the house. You might also want to prevent baby from accessing cabinets by installing special latches. Taking care of this task before your little one arrives will prevent you from adding one more thing to your to-do list later on.

Convenient Extras

A warmer for your baby wipes, a specially-designed diaper pail that keeps odors from invading the entire nursery, and a set of speakers or a portable stereo are a few extras to consider.








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