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Monopoly Gamer is a new edition of Monopoly released in perfect time for Christmas. This new version of the well loved game combines some of my children’s favourite interests (gaming and Nintendo characters) with a traditional game that has always been one of their top picks, so we were really excited to give this new version of Monopoly a try.  

There are quite a few themed versions of Monopoly, with some being quite different from the original (like Monopoly empire), and others playing by the traditional rules just with differently labelled properties (such as a local version of Monopoly we play at my mums house for our home town).

Monopoly Gamer falls in between these two, with some familiar game play but enough of a twist to make the game feel different.

We really liked the game pieces, which are very true to the Nintendo characters, with plenty of detail and colour.

The game comes with Mario, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, and Princess Peach which means that you can play with up to four players. We would ideally like to play with more players, as you can in the traditional Monopoly, as we have a larger family. I did notice extra gamer figure packs on Amazon though, which allow you to expand your characters and fit in more players so I think this will be a good option for us!

The game box includes:

  • The game board
  • 2 dice – 1 regular and 1 ‘Power Up’ dice
  • 4 Character Cards
  • 4 turn reminder cards
  • 8 Boss Cards
  • 16 Title Deed cards
  • 90 coins
  • Instructions leaflet

The coins are used instead of the usual Monopoly money, which fits in more with the Nintendo theme, as seen in the Super Mario games. It also makes the pricing a little simpler for younger players.

The properties are also slightly simpler than traditional Monopoly with only two needed to complete each set, and less property spaces around the edge of the board. This makes the game a little quicker to play too although it still took us a little over an hour for a game, so playing it does feel like a substantial board game session rather than a really quick one.

The game is recommended for ages 8+, and I would say that is about right although all three of our boys age 9, nearly 8 and 6 all enjoyed playing. Younger players will need a bit of help and assistance as there are lots of types of cards to keep track of, but if they are fans of Nintendo and familiar with basic Monopoly then they would probably be okay!

Monopoly Gamer has been a hit with our family, and I’m sure it will be played many more times too. It’s a great mixture of traditional board games with console game characters to grab kids interest, and I’m sure it will bring back memories for adult family members too, as these characters have been so well loved over the years!

Monopoly Gamer is available from good toy shops online and offline, including Amazon for around RRP 28.99

We were sent the game for review. Amazon affiliate links are included in the blog post. .

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