8 Toothbrushing and Dental Health Coloring Pages for Kids

Some kids love to brush their teeth and keep their teeth sparkly white ready for the tooth fairy, whereas others need a little more prompting and persuasion.

Either way, these fun toothbrushing coloring pages and dental health printables are a great way to remind children of the importance of keeping our teeth clean, and looking after our mouths and gums.

Download all of the free printable coloring pages for dental health theme at the end of this blog post.

Free Printable Dental Health Coloring Pages

Don’t forget to brush your teeth coloring page

Don’t forget to brush your teeth twice a day, every morning and every night.

Kids can use this oral health coloring page to make their own toothbrushing poster to display.

don't forget to brush your teeth colouring page

Toothbrush and toothpaste coloring page

Color in this picture of a toothbrush and toothpaste in whatever styles and designs you like.

My kids love to buy toothbrushes with their favourite characters on, from Spider-man to Frozen – this is a great way to get kids excited about brushing.

tooth brush and tooth paste colouring page

Tooth Coloring Page (Tooth Outline Template)

This black and white tooth outline is perfect to use as a template for all of your dentist themed crafts and activities.

Or children can use it as a coloring page – print two and decorate one shiny and clean and the other one with all kinds of cavities and germs all over it.

My 5 year old loves drawing little pictures of germs!

tooth outline template

Mouth Coloring Page

Color the mouth picture and label all of the different parts

  • Teeth
  • Lips
  • Tongue
  • Uvula
mouth diagram for kids to color

Happy Brushing Teeth Coloring Page

This toothbrushing picture will make everyone feel happy about brushing teeth! These little teeth are so friendly, smiley and clean.

toothbrushing coloring page

It’s Cool to Brush Your Teeth Coloring Page

Colour the mouth wash and the two cool smiley teeth.

tooth brushing coloring page

Free Printable Don’t Forget to Brush Your Teeth Posters

We made two versions of these toothbrushing posters, a pink and a blue version.

You can print these out and use to decorate your role play area for dentist role play and pretend play, or decorate the classroom during Dental Health Week, or Oral Health Month.

printable kids oral health poster

You could also use these for a cute decor in the kids bathroom at home, for a friendly reminder.

don't forget to brush your teeth printable poster

Ask your kids to design their own poster to encourage and remind everyone to brush their teeth.

You can use the toothbrushing coloring pages as a starting point, or design your own from scratch on a blank piece of paper.

More Dental and Oral Hygiene Activities for Kids

Why not make your own cardboard teeth from a cut up egg carton, or try painting with tooth brushes?

toothbrush painting

Brushing Teeth for Soft Toys

Take a spare tooth brush, even better if you can find a giant one, and have fun playing dentist, brushing the teeth of all the dolls, teddies and soft toys.

You can also get spare dental mirrors from your dental practice, and try other dental supplies like floss to familiarise the kids with all of these and get them comfortable.

child at the dentist

Dry Erase Cavities

Take the tooth outline printable from this set, and laminate or place into a wipe clean pocket.

Add some germs, black marks or cavities with dry wipe markers and have the kids wipe them away to clean up the teeth.

Tooth collage

Again, using the tooth template, take some white tissue paper and rip and scrunch then glue down to fill the whole tooth bright shiny white and clean.

Paint with Real Tooth Paste

If you have a child who doesn’t like the taste of regular minty tooth paste, you can try using a little bit along with a toothbrush and allow your child to paint the tooth pictures using the real paste.

This is an easy and fun way to get more comfortable and familiar with the smell and look of the minty paste.

You could use a small paint palette and offer a few different tubes to try. Check out the different colors of each brand of toothpaste. Some even have stripes!

Of course, supervise young children with this activity.

Download PDF

Click below to download all 8 pages in one handy PDF. This is a free instant digital download.

When is Dental Health Week?

This varies by country

World Oral Health Day takes place on 20th March

Dental Health Week in Australia is the first week of August

National Smile Month takes place in the UK from 16th May to 16th June

June is Oral Health Month in the US

So, there are always lots of opportunities to focus on oral health, dental health, and make tooth brushing fun!


Please share this blog post with fellow parents or your teacher friends, so that everyone can benefit from the free resources. Thanks so much.

dentist coloring pages

Enjoy, and happy brushing!

Terms of use: this PDF file is free for personal use and free for classroom use.

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  1. The idea of using an egg carton to practice brushing with paint is so creative! My daughter doesn’t always get every tooth and I tell her to pretend that she’s painting each tooth with paint to get every tooth. This is a great hands-on way to try it!


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