7 Ways to Style Your Bedroom in a Transitional Style 

The transitional style is a beautiful hybrid style, which pairs the traditional design that can sometimes feel dull with the contemporary, which can be excessive. The result is an equally classic and fresh feel that offers a visually striking and unique mix. The word ‘’transit’’, meaning to travel between two destinations, suggests that this look travels through different times and styles, borrowing the best from each. Elements streamlined from modernism pair beautifully with cosier pieces, reminiscent of traditional style, in an original, simple, and sophisticated mix. When done right, this style will provide a timeless décor that won`t go unnoticed. Here are the five transitional style essentials that will get you started with confidence. 

1.A Beautifully Orchestrated Mix of Tradition and Contemporary Aesthetics

The transitional style is a marriage between traditional and contemporary furniture, finishes, materials, and fabrics. Furniture lines are clean yet very elegant, featuring straight lines or rounded profiles. Striking the right balance between the past and the present will help you achieve unexpected yet surprisingly pleasant mixes. When it comes to your bedroom décor, the options are endless. 

Think of a modern upholstered bed, traditional mismatched bedside tables, chrome lighting pendants, expressive art pieces, vintage rugs, and crisp, classic drapes that boast a solid, tonal colour to pull the various elements together. Feel free to juxtapose eras and styles, texture, and colours, but make sure you do it in a way that they come together flawlessly. 

2.Simple, yet Sophisticated Lines 

The transitional décor retains the classic lines of traditional styles, but the colours and furnishings are typically more modern in their appearance.Showcase clean lines with minimal clutter and limit your accessories to allow the more significant design pieces to speak for themselves.Simple silhouettes counterbalanced by subtle, abstract, and rounded elements will keep the eye moving around the room to find interest. For instance, a metal bed with polished details but a sophisticated headboard would help you infuse this look.

3.A Riot of Textures 

The look promotes a beautiful mix of fabrics and offers you the freedom to experiment with different textures when decorating.In your bedroom, pair a timeless fabric bed with a trendy rattan accent chair for a fun vibe. Roll out a soft, vintage-inspired rug beneath a reclaimed wood bedside table and add sophistication with glass and metal accents.

4.A Balanced Colour Palette

The transitional paint color has a good balance of warm and cool tones. An accent on neutrals with heavier hues just in the accents will provide an elegant look. Think of a grey bed paired with wooden bedside tables and neutral curtains to showcase the perfect transitional blend. 

5.Rely on Contrast for Visual Interest 

Most of the time, the neutral colour palettes are accented by black and white inserts.

Introduce drama with black accents, such as in your pictures frames or lighting fixtures. Think of random pieces of furniture to provide unique and memorable accents. However, even though the look asks for contrast, finding standard features in the elements used is essential. The key here is to be varied and look for commonalities that will seamlessly work together without being too similar. 

6.Avoid Vibrant Patterns and Keep Prints to a Minimum 

On the side of minimalism, busy patterns have no place in the transitional style. The goal here is to achieve a streamlined look that can be mastered using clean lines and sleek modern beds.

7.Comfort is Prioritised 

Refined and consistent, the transitional style prioritises comfort. Furniture pieces are generally large, bold, and sophisticated. Symmetry is encouraged for an organised, streamlined look. Perhaps a plush small double bed that is both elegant and comfortable will be the perfect match in the bedroom, creating ample space for sizeable bold furniture pieces? Now that you have all the ingredients, these key ways will help you build a bridge between the past and present and bring them together to achieve the ultimate transitional bedroom. 


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