7 ways to enjoy a family holiday in 2020

There’s nothing quite like having a holiday to look forward to, but once you add children into the mix, you need to think more creatively. Whether budget is your driving force or the desire to provide an unusual or memorable experience, we’ve found some interesting ways to enjoy time away with your family.

Try a package deal

The beauty of a package holiday is that all the hard work is done for you – you can simply click to book a family-friendly hotel in a good location that offers plenty of amenities. Kids’ club places are usually par for the course, and you’ll normally find attractions nearby. Holiday Hypermarket has a great selection of family holidays to choose from.

Self-catering can be fun

If you have older children, a self-catering holiday is a good way to get them involved at mealtimes. Trips to the local supermarket for fresh produce and treats is always fun, and you can splurge on a few evenings out as well. You’ll need to plan meals, but this is something you can easily do before you leave.

Go back to basics

Camping is not for everybody, but as family holidays go, it is always memorable! Whether you decide to stay close to home or camp overseas, sleeping under the stars and cooking out in the open is an experience few children forget. If the weather is on your side, camping can be a lot of fun for little money.

Try renting a house

Holiday trends have seen people starting to enjoy renting entire properties, rather than just a hotel room, and this is a perfect option for families. If you wanted to take a break with a few members of your extended family, you could rent a large beach house somewhere and take everybody along and simply split the cost of the house. It never hurts to have all the children in a room of their own, either.

Go all-inclusive

When you don’t want to mess about thinking about food, drinks and activities, an all-inclusive family holiday is the way to go. Not only will you find that hotels have mastered the art of catering to the needs of large groups with varying ages of guests, you’ll also notice that your budget will stay under control. You’ll know how much you’ve spent, to the penny, before you even get on the plane.  

Try road tripping

If your family is close and gets on well, you might like to consider the idea of buying a camper van and hitting the road. It’s not ideal for groups with children that are always arguing, as there will be nowhere to hide, but for everybody else, being able to move around and explore wherever the mood takes you can be liberating. For a touch of added luxury, hiring a large camper van would be a smart move.

Consider a staycation

It’s an unusual choice, but a staycation can be just the ticket for a fun family break. Instead of going away on holiday, you can stay in the UK or even at home by setting aside a couple of weeks to get all those niggly little things done around the house that you have long wanted to, like redecorating the children’s bedrooms. You can also take the time to get to know where you live a lot better, by visiting local restaurants and doing some sightseeing. Trust us, it is more relaxing and fun than you think!

Family holidays can be as different, easy and unforgettable as you want them to be – you just have to take the plunge. 

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