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When my boys were little, I found audiobooks so helpful with getting them settled at bedtime and encouraging them to lie in their beds happily while they fell asleep. I had been wanting to try something similar with my daughter who’s now getting to the right age, but with CDs not so common these days and as I’m not keen to use an iPad or Voice assistant device in the kids rooms, I have been wondering what method would be best.

Enter the tonies® Toniebox which offers a perfect child friendly solution to my dilemma, with screen-free story time and figures which are instantly recognisable to young children enabling my little girl to choose easily, and activate her Toniebox herself.

The Toniebox is a soft audio cube which works by placing your Tonies on top to listen to the stories and songs contained within each one. Inside your starter set, you receive the Toniebox, one creative Tonie, and the charger. Once charged, the Toniebox offers up to seven hours of entertainment and can easily be taken around the house, or on your travels making it very versatile. Once the content has been downloaded from each Tonie onto the Toniebox on the first use, they can all be played the without the need for a WiFi connection.

Setting up the Toniebox and Tonies is very easy and can be done from your mobile phone. With the creative Tonie, included with the starter pack, there is the option to load up to 90 minutes of custom content which again can be done using an app on your phone. Once connected, you simply record on your phone and then place your creative Tonie on the Toniebox to hear it. If you change your mind, the content can be deleted and updated with something else within a few clicks. The 90 minute capacity with this is great, as it allows you to record multiple stories. You can skip back and forth between tracks by tapping the sides of the Toniebox, or fast forward and rewind by tilting the box, so you won’t have to listen through the whole 90 minutes to get to the part you want.

Being able to record in our own voices is a really nice touch, and I’m hoping this will be soothing for N when either her dad or I have to work away over night, as a way to stay connected.

As well as using your creative Tonie, you can also add to your collection with Tonies featuring well loved characters and stories. There is a wide range available, including Disney characters like the Little Mermaid, and The Snowman which is ideal for the festive season.

I already have my eye on a few more Tonies for N, such as the Lion King, and Rapunzel and other Fairy Tales. There are also Tonies that would appeal to my older kids such as the How and Why Tonies, or football themed stories so the Toniebox is something that could easily be shared between children as they each have a turn to listen to their own content.

The tonies® Toniebox Starter Set including the Creative Tonie retails for 69.95 and each additional Tonie retails for just 14.99, making them a great option for stocking fillers.

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