7 Dog Breeds Perfect for People Who Work from Home

Have you found yourself working from home more and more lately or are you someone that conducts your business from home but feels like you need a fluffy companion to keep you company?

Do you want to know which dog breeds would be perfect for someone who works from home and is at home all of the time?

For people who work from home, I’ll start to consider getting a dog more and more to keep them company and so they are not alone the whole day.

As someone who works from home and is going to be around the dog all day you should know which breeds are more suited to this kind of environment and which will even thrive in this environment.

There are many different dog breeds for once you consider choosing from but if you are going to be at home all day you should consider looking at some of these in the list below


The first pup that we have on our list is a Goldendoodle. Goldendoodles are a gorgeous mixed breed of poodles and golden retrievers. They come in a range of sizes from small to large at abcspuppyzs.com and have a beautiful golden fluffy coat with that signature Retriever look.

According to Goldendoodles are calm dogs that can live in pretty much any environment, and they would happily sit next to you the whole day while you work you just need to make sure that you give them some entertainment and exercise throughout the day


The next dog breed that we have on our list is a whippet. Even though whippets are typically used as racing dogs they are not high-energy dogs and love to laze around and lie around the house the whole day.

These pups are a great breed for owners who work from home because they will happily sit with you the whole day but will still go and do some exercise when you want to go.


Moving on down I list the next breed that we will look at is the Chihuahua. This is the smallest breed of dog, and they were bred to be companions which makes them perfect for those who are working from home and are constantly around to give their dog love and affection.

These little dogs are great especially when it comes to living in different environments whether you live in a small apartment or even a large house.


Continuing on the next breed that we have is a medium-sized breed with a unique white and black spotted coat, the Dalmatian.

Although originally these were hunting dogs and even used as carriage dogs in their earlier days, today they make wonderful family pets and have outgoing friendly, and intelligent temperaments.

They are full of energy, active, and playful which means that they do require a good amount of exercise and enrichment which can easily be done if you are someone who works from home.

Golden Retriever

A family favorite and one of the most popular dogs to have at home these days is a golden retriever. These dogs are characterized by their gentle nature but also by their golden coat which gives them their name.

These dogs are a larger breed but are still great for those who work from home because they have a friendly and kind temperament.


If you’re looking for a smaller breed of dog that falls within the toy group, then the Maltese is a great option.

The small breed is known to be playful, active, and very lively while also being sweet, gentle, and affectionate these pups were also bred to be companions which makes them great for those who work from home.

Basset Hound

Last but not least we have a dog that was bred to be a hunting dog but these days they make great companions. Basset hounds or medium-sized breeds are characterized by their fluffy ears and short legs.

They are said to be affectionate gentle and friendly, and they are great pets to have at home especially if you will be there the whole day.

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