5 Ways How Teachers Can Inspire Students to Study Abroad

For teachers, one of the top priorities is to prepare their students for an ever-changing and multifaceted life outside their school walls. To let them see endless opportunities expecting them in life, career, relationships – everywhere. And to make them believe that they can be and do whatever they desire. 

An important part of reaching this goal is providing access to the huge world beyond their native country, exposing them to the marvels of other lands, and explaining the value of traveling and studying overseas. Studying abroad is a pivotal factor in gaining independence, understanding where you belong, and acquiring strength of character, resilience, and perseverance. Nothing gives students so many opportunities to practice their language skills, make friends, and try their fortes in unexpected life situations like living in a foreign environment. And therefore these aspirations should be cultivated.

Surprising as it sounds, but many students – so as their parents – can’t wrap their minds around the idea of studying abroad. Always, it is the luxury for the rich, daring, best and brightest, anyone but them, so they nip the idea in the bud. Not without effort, but here is what teachers can do to show students that they can and need this experience.

Spark Them with Your Own Traveling Story

One of the best experiences of being a teacher is the opportunity to collaborate with other like-minded professionals from different corners of the world. This often includes traveling to foreign colleges and universities for research, skill enhancement, or teaching foreign students. And this is the story worth sharing with the students from your class.

Let them know about the most challenging and exciting details of your journey. How did you learn about this program for teachers? What made you think you could do it? Did you have any doubts? What difficulties did you overcome to get there? And what important lessons you’ve gleaned from this trip? Oftentimes, students simply don’t realize that other people experience the same troubles as they do, but they are solvable. 

It is crucial to make them feel they can be part of a similar future with their own meaningful acquaintances, humorous moments, and valuable lessons. If you met other students there, who were also studying abroad, tell about their achievements. Add some peachy details, like fantastic nature or special perks for college learners. Show your class that even though studying abroad is challenging, it is real, inspiring, and many other young people from all walks of life are already doing this. 

Foster Travel Bug

Overwhelmed by daily problems, students might not even realize that they want and need changes studying abroad can give them. But sometimes, even a short video about the marvels of the world may be that impetus that will transform their life completely. 

As a teacher, you have a huge power to influence students’ minds, and you can use it to inspire and motivate them. The best way to do this is to show students what they can experience once they decide on traveling and studying abroad. 

Don’t hesitate to include various videos in your lessons. The content from traveling blogs can serve a variety of purposes like learning a language, explaining the geography, or visualizing scientific laws. Engage students in discussions, ask them to try a different role in their imagination, and encourage them to dream boldly and freely. This will spark their curiosity and make them believe that the sky is their limit.

Find Scholarships and Programs

The financial aspect can be one of the greatest obstacles, but students need to see that studying abroad is a realistic picture, and they can have this chance too. As teachers, it is our responsibility to help them find out about different options available and most importantly, encourage them to grab these opportunities. 

Learning about the existing scholarships and programs is the first step to making their traveling dreams come true. There are tons of options; some may be more generous than others, but it is worth taking some time and doing research as to what’s on the market. 

Normally, students manage to find at least one program that suits their needs. But if it’s not the case, you can always arrange fundraising activities to gather money for the trip. You may involve parents, your colleague teachers, as well as third-party donors. The rule is to stand until you win as perseverance always pays off.

Arrange Conversations with the Old-Timers

There are many students out there who say that studying abroad changed their life. And no one can inspire your newbie travelers better than them. 

Ask the old-timers to speak in your class. They could tell about their fears, struggles, adventures, and academic challenges related to studying abroad. Perhaps, they could share their experience in choosing a program or collecting money, as well as give some valuable traveling and studying recommendations. Having someone who can honestly answer your questions and dispel your doubts is truly priceless.

Help With Essays

The desire to give up is the strongest right before the victory. Even when the long-awaited opportunity is within an essay reach, putting their thoughts on the paper is often a problem for students.

Usually, foreign Alma maters want students to explain why they suit for the program and they evaluate their writing at every level: grammar, style, word choice, as well as the depth of the content. When your dreams are at stake, it is easy to fall apart and make mistakes.

As a teacher, be there for your students and offer foreign college admissions essay help. In the class, discuss what they should write about, how they can present themselves in a more favorable light, and be the helping hand from the beginning till the end. Most likely, your students will cope with it themselves, but they need to know you have their backs. After all, knowing that your teacher cares and keeps their fingers crossed for you gives you confidence and strength to stay on track. 

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